Be Ready For a Life-changing Event, The RiseUp Summit

Fasten your seat belts for the RiseUp Summit roller coaster

In the first week of December, specifically on the 7th, 8th and 9th of the month, Egypt is witnessing a three-day, one-stop-shop, and entrepreneurial marathon; one of the largest innovation and entrepreneurship summits taking place in the heart of Downtown Cairo…The RiseUp Summit!

Picture from The Insider MIU of the British ambassador in Egypt in RiseUp Summit 2016.

RiseUp is the most vibrant event where the world’s leading tech gurus, industry leaders and entrepreneurial giants meet together in one place to share their ideas, experience and knowledge. It all started 5 years ago and has now turned from a simple local movement into a global phenomenon.
At RiseUp Summit, you have the accessibility to attend different exhilarating workshops as well as the opportunity to run into entrepreneurs, international leaders, motivational speakers, and startups, each of whom own inspiring stories to tell and ideas to share.
The purpose of the event is to gather all those powerful ideas in one place, allowing people to gain an inclusive understanding of entrepreneurship.

Since Insider MIU is one of the outreach partners of this year’s summit, we will provide you with a brief guide; throughout the 3 days of the event you can expect nonstop workshops, different types of talks, interesting activities, and various exhibits along with satellite events and a pitch competition, you can refer to RiseUp’s website for further details.
The moment you enter the summit, you will be given an explanatory map of the events including each’s location and timetable.
If you are going to be an attendee, you need to wear comfortable shoes and preferably a pack-bag where all your stuff can fit in, also don’t forget to bring some snacks along.

Here is a sneak peak of the event’s speakers:
Numan Numan
Managing Director at 212

Muhammed Nagi
Cofounder & Managing Director, Almaqqarr Coworking Space

Mohamed El Kasstawi
Founding Partner at ZK Capital

Neija Bin Helal
President at the Tunisian Business Women Organization

Dr. Ahmad Ghazawneh
Professor and serial entrepreneur (Sweden & Denmark)

Nour Al Hassan
Ceo and Founder of Ureed and Tarjama

Amal Enan
Director at the Egyptian American Enterprise Fund, EAEF

That’s not all; you can check the entire speakers list on the RiseUp Summit official website.

In case you are asking how to join RiseUp; you can take part as a speaker, partner, startup, investor, media, volunteer; otherwise, you can get your attendee ticket from their official website. If you are a student or a group of friends, there are a special offers for you, so don’t forget to check them out!