Social Media Games on Humans’ Minds

The Disintegration of Communications

“Imprisoned by social media”

Have you ever encountered this expression? Does it confuse you?

Nowadays, most, if not all, people  are very dependent on social media in their daily life; whether it is for chatting, calling a friend, planning or simply note-taking. Contrarily, do you think any of them has a clue when it comes to the disadvantages of social media?

Although it’s indisputable that humans owe social media for easing means of communication and reducing the distance between people, why don’t you take a look at this picture?

Credits to: The new media impact


Just a beautiful “bonding” picture for a family having dinner, right? Unfortunately, no. As you can see none of them even share a simple eye contact, each of them is so focused on their phones and even the mother who’s supposedly getting the table ready has a Bluetooth earphone on.

So ironically, means of communication has backfired as it’s isolated people and has them “connecting” behind their mobile or laptop screens through internet and social media.

People are now texting through Whatsapp, sharing stories on their Facebook accounts, editing texts through applications and even tweeting opinions and debates with others instead of having real face to face interactions!

In conclusion, take a moment and think about this: why are we so dependent on social media? Why can’t we just interact through facing each other instead of texts, phone calls or FaceTime? Sadly, we’ve been so caught up with what’s shattering relations in our world unaware of the fact that we, on a spur of a moment, became a part of this faulty image.


Techno FAQ

If we rethink this, we could finally come to terms with the idea of not ALWAYS needing our mobile phones. Maybe one day, people will use their senses to communicate appropriately with each other without misusing technology.

Finally, it’s up to you but, do you think technology could ever replace humans?

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