The Route to Leadership is Entrepreneurship.

Enactus organization is dedicated to inspire students to improve the world through entrepreneurial actions and to transform the lives of people they aim to serve.

Mahmoud Tanany -a fourth year ECE student, founder and president of Enactus MIU- decided to add the organization to the MIU campus, as it’s already established in 37 countries around the world and more than 50 universities around Egypt .

Enactus organization was first founded in 2004. The non-profit organization of Enactus is not only about entertainment, but also aims to teach students how to get along with real life after graduation. That was one of the main reasons that made the founder think of bringing it to MIU; to keep them up on how to work from an entrepreneurial aspect and also to make MIU participate in the national competition. All winning teams from each national competition across 36 countries will compete together over the Enactus World Cup.

Enactus organizes an annual regional and national competition for teams to showcase how effective their projects are, to be evaluated by executives serving as judges, champions of the national competitions advance to the prestigious Enactus World Cup. This year, MIU is finally ready to join the field. Each university is represented by a team that works on a project that aims to help put people’s own ingenuity and talents at the center of improving their livelihood ; for example, like recycling, water purification, etc..

Most importantly, the mission of the organization is to engage the next generation of entrepreneurial leaders in the real world, to enable them to know how to use innovation and make business, through taking an action and being dedicated to it- in order to create a better, more sustainable world.

Available departments are:

Firstly, the Organizing Committee:

  • Human Resources : responsible for evaluating and developing members of the organization.
  • Marketing Director: divided into two teams; Public Relations, responsible for partnerships, and Fundraising, responsible for getting money and sponsers for the organization.
  • Team Presenters: includes script writers and responsible for presenting projects in front of judges and investors.
  • Logistics: responsible for any materials needed for the project.
  • Multimedia: responsible for photography, videography and designing.

On another hand, there is also the Academic Committee:

  • Research and Development: responsible for working on projects and the idea itself including the business plan,business canvas and to study the whole thing well.
  • Projects Team: after settling on the idea of a project, this team comes in to start implementing it.

Last but not least, a word from Mahmoud Tanany to MIU students “At this age, everyone needs to start learning about how to be an entrepreneur, as it’s the trend worldwide, and to look outside of the box to have successful startups for themselves. That’s what Enactus will do this year; it will help students to transform their lives and other people’s ”.

Recruitment will start from 1/10 till 4/10. So buckle up, MIU, Enactus  is ready to #TheTakeOff with an extraordinary year full of innovation.