Egypt’s first fishackathon!

First organized by the US Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships in 2014, Egypt holds its first fishackathon competition!

Last February, the AUC’s Entrepreneurs’ society held the first Fishackathon competition in Egypt.

Fishackathon is a hackathon that aims to help solving aquaculture issues and help making fisheries and the aqua life more sustainable and equitable. It was first organized by the US Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships in 2014.

When we interviewed Jenny El-Boushi, the current CEO of the AUC’s ES, she stated that Entrepreneurs’ society is exclusive to the AUC, and does not plan to expand further to different universities to maintain the identity of the ES.

Entrepreneurs’ society aims to encourage the youth to start up their own businesses, promote entrepreneurship throughout events, competitions and exhibitions. it also aims to tackle the hesitation of the youth to have their own start ups, whether if they thought they were too young or that they don’t have enough resources. ES can also help students by giving them expertise in many fields and helps them link up with people in the professional industry.

The fishackathon competition was held for 2 days, and it helps the participants to come up with sustainable and beneficial solutions to currently existing Fishery issues from different aspects such as “sustainability, market place, data access,transparency” through technology, which Jenny stated that we are lacking in, in such a short period of time. Fishahackon also shows a lot of impact.

“Fishackathon would help people on a personal and a social level, the competitors are not exclusive to AUC only but there are AAST students as well, students from Alex, the mentors as well, guiding them to the right path, to keep it relevant” -Jenny El-Boushi

And when asked about if the Fishackathon would be held annually or not, she stated that it could be, and it all depends on the successor after her.

and finally, when we asked Jenny if she had anything to say for the fellow students, these were her words:

“Start now, if you keep on waiting you’ll never do it. I was extremely shy, I joined clubs and took a lot of initiatives to become where I am, I didn’t give up. It’s okay to fall sometimes but you have to get up back again”