Discover The Undiscovered : Be The Painter Of Your Own Portrait

Everyone is talented in his own , you only have to uncover your hidden powers.

We’re all gifted, but you just have to work on yourself and discover your own gift. Some of us are good at convincing people, others are good at singing, photography, teaching, maybe cooking or counseling, and the list goes on.Throughout our life journey, we encounter a variety of people who had the chance to discover what they are gifted with and enhance it; exploring their fascinating inner beauty.

A lot of artists are waiting for the chance of being discovered, so we decided to uncover one of MIU’s talents, and reveal it to the world.

Osama Emam, a 4th year dentistry student who is one of those people that succeeded in finding their true gift; drawing:

How did your drawing journey start and what was your first drawing?  

When I was young. We had those studying books that were full of colorful pictures, which grabbed my attention. So in my free time, I started tracing those pictures- paying extra attention to animals, particularly horses. And a horse was my first drawing, as it’s my favourite animal.

Who discovered your talent and when?

My parents were the first, then one of my special teachers in school, who encouraged me by asking me to draw pictures and then give me a lot of rewards in return, this was around the 6th grade.

Which drawing gets you out of a bad mood and makes you feel better?

Of course, it’s one for my favorite actress Emma Watson. I love drawing portraits of people, so drawing a portrait of her makes me feel much better  .

Why drawing? What makes it different from other talents?

I love drawing because when I was kid, it was the first thing I was passionate about and I discovered my inner self through it. Drawing makes me feel present and unique. It helped me express a lot of issues, that  I can’t do verbally .

From where did you learn it?

From various tutorials of Youtube, which gave me the main principles to start drawing better and more accurately. This was until last summer, when I started taking a course that made me more professional in drawing and gave me a lot of skills .

Which do you think is essential in order to improve your talent, Youtube or courses?

I do believe that both are equally important, as courses, especially in Egypt, offer limited ideas for someone to draw professionally; therefore Youtube is needed, to be more experienced and get more skills from worldwide countries.

Have you participated in any drawing competitions?

Yes, during school in the 8th or  9th grade and I came in  2nd in that competition .

How does drawing benefit you?

Drawing, generally, makes you feel more calm and quiet. As for me, I’m a person that’s always restless and short-tempered, but when I draw, it takes me into a whole other world, which makes me cool down; kind of like meditation to me.

How did you use your talent wisely?

I started my own business on social media; having a Facebook page Not only do I upload my drawings on it, but I also get a lot of requests from people to draw them portraits. Later-on, I’m planning to have my own Youtube channel, so I can spread my drawing skills and teach people what I have learned throughout my journey.

Who is your role model in drawing?

Marco Grassi, an Italian painter, because he’s such a great painter that pays his full attention to details, which is evident in his drawings .

What skills and tools should an artist have?

Anyone who wants to draw must have the talent even if just by 10%, then the most important thing after that is to have patience in order to achieve what you dream of and show the whole world your talent. Regarding the tools, there aren’t specific ones, as you only need a paper and a pencil, but what is more important is the inspiration, as some people draw on napkins without materials and end up producing a fascinating drawing a lot of  people admire.

How do you think you can discover that you have a talent and develop it?

If you have a talent, you’ll discover it at any time, but the important thing is to develop it by taking courses, even if just one and you can surf the Youtube for many videos to get more experienced.

Finally, what do you advice someone who is beginning his drawing journey?   

Be patient in order to achieve your dream :“The more patient you are, the more you achieve”

At the end of the interview, Osama stated that everyone has a talent either physical or moral. Some talents aren’t tangible, so people believe that they don’t have any talents, however, you have to  believe in what you feel you possess inside and work more on yourself,  in order to become extraordinary in this world.

To sum it up, I hope you believe you’re gifted, because you do have much to offer.

And here are some of Osama’s masterpieces :