Expand Your Circles.. Conquer the World

Get in touch with yourself and explore your soul. Learn to find a way back home by getting furthest away from it.

How many times have you pumped into an online article titled ‘7 Benefits of Travelling’ or ‘Reasons to explore the globe’ etc. Traveling bloggers around the world who document their adventures and encourage others to conquer the lavish world, have always managed to amaze and fascinate us with their description of a colorful world. Their version of the world compared to the version we are living in confused me enough to get me to wonder about the type of eye they see the world with.

For years, I have been seeing travel in a very basic way, such as meeting up with long distant family members, seeking better work opportunities or even exploring other cultures out of curiosity. Today, thanks to my last two consecutive trips, I have discovered other dimensions of voyaging and escaping the routine.

‘To travel is to take a journey into yourself’. – Danny Kaye

As I sat down to my desk and started typing Danny Kaye’s words, it popped into my head to ask my travelling buddies about their own perspectives of voyaging briefly and was mind blown by some of the replies that I decided to share them with you.

For example Nour Fekri stated the following , “Travelling made me do activities I never imagined myself having enough courage to do yet they were on my bucket list since forever. I had the privilege to meet new people and make new friends”.  Habiba Amr and Aya Tharwat have both agreed on Nour’s words saying that traveling added a lot to their personal experiences.

While Reem Ashraf had another opinion saying “Travelling made me step out of my comfort zone discovering new sides in my personality that I never even knew they existed”. Finally Noura Amr added “Traveling actually makes people closer to one another and more helpful creating a comfy environment that spreads happiness all around”.

The ladies words pretty much summed up everything, travelling made them realize how powerful and capable each of them is. All in all, travelling is the type of self-investment that makes you realize that we know very little about the world and makes us greedy to learn and educate ourselves more. It makes us less judgmental as we sink in the fact that we are all similar regardless our gender, color, believes or ethnicity. It helps us to appreciate our blessings that we took for granted while being mired into our daily routines.

“The journey is measured in friends rather than miles” – Tim Chill.

This piece is a tribute to one of the finest batch of people that each will hypnotize you with his/her uniqueness.

finest batch of people