“Alsun Hub” New Guide for Alsun Students

Alsunian graduates decided to give a hand to Alsun students in their study.

“Wait, what did I miss? I can’t understand this part. Man, this subject is difficult! I am going to fail, what should I do?..” Most of us pass by this phase when we face difficulty in a certain subject, and it becomes worse and worse as exams get closer and closer. This state leads us to a stressful cycle where we begin to look for any notes or exams. So, Mohamed Anas -an Alsun MIU graduate, SAT English teacher and legal translator- along with Youssef Sadek -an Alsun MIU graduate and TA at The Faculty of Languages MSA University- decided to create a Facebook page, “Alsun Hub”, to help Alsun students. Let’s get to know this page a little better!

What made you create this page?

  • It all started when our undergraduate friends asked us to help them with some of the subjects that seemed difficult for them. At that moment, we decided to help the students and facilitate their academic years either through offering notes for the subjects or explaining what they don’t understand in a simple way.

What is the difference between your page and the faculty group?

  • For starters, the faculty group doesn’t include students only but also TA’s and doctors. When the students ask questions on the group, they don’t receive answers all the time. On the other hand, we’re committed to be there for those who need help. Moreover, we have been working in the teaching field for three years now, which means that we have experience in helping students.

Do you have other ways for the students to contact you?

  • Up till now, we don’t have any other means of commmunication except for our Facebook page and cellphone numbers for Whatsapp or calls. However, there is a possibility that we’ll have more pages on social media, later on.

Mohamed Anas and Youssef Sadek ended the interview saying: “This page is created to help you in studying the subjects and getting good grades. So, don’t worry you can rely on us as we are aware of the curriculum. Again, we are here to help you”.

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