Entrepreneurs’ Society Holds the First Fishackathon Competition in Egypt!

The very first Fishackathon to be held in Egypt!

Source: esauc.org

AUC’s Entrepreneurs’ Society is going to bring the first Fishackathon competition to Cairo, Egypt, this February, through its collaboration with HackerNet.

So who are Entrepreneurs’ Society and what do they do anyway?

Entrepreneur’s Society is a student-organized society that was found back in 2003 in the AUC. Their goals is to make students take full advantage of their capabilities through developing youth and making them fully aware of the entrepreneurship field, and to encourage them through the right procedures and mindsets of beginning new businesses, taking full advantage of them for the sake of the individual and the society.

For further reading about them, you can visit their website here

So what is this Fishackathon and what’s the competition?

Fishackathon is a hackathon that aims to help solving aquaculture issues and help making fisheries and the aqua life more sustainable and equitable. 

It was first organized by the US Secretary’s Office of Global Partnerships in 2014. This hackathon aims to empower youth to take a stand in solving actual problems through digital solutions and address sustainable fisheries challenges, by gathering designers, developers and experts to build solutions, which are both relevant and impactful, as mentors and experts from the field will be acting as guidelines and judges for the competition.

For further reading, you can visit the official website here. Or the event’s link through here

So, how can I sign up or pay?

You can register for the competition and get your ticket here. If for any reason, you can’t pay online, you can contact Entrepreneur’s Society through their E-mail:  Es@aucegypt.edu to get you a coupon so you can pay on the day of the competition, 2nd of February.