Non traditional Traditions On New Year’s Eve

“No matter where you’re from, or how strange your Christmas traditions are, its spirit will always warm your heart”

New Year’s Eve -the last day of the year- fills the world with happiness and positive vibes. It’s all about writing an ending to the 365-chapter story called “Year”. Just like every person has their own way of having a new beginning, each country has its own way of welcoming the new year. Although these traditions seem to be strange, they spread the spirit of joy all-over. Let’s have a glimpse at the world’s odd traditions on New Year’s Eve.

Ending a year by eating certain kinds of food is a dominant tradition around the world, starting by the city of Barcelona, Spain. Apparently, Spanish people are obsessed with any rounded figure. If you manage to eat 12 grapes in your mouth at midnight, that means you will have good luck in the next year. Don’t you  think this is an easy way to guarantee good luck for a whole year?! Other parts of Europe also have various ways to express their merriment by the new year. In Estonia, they eat 7 times a day at the beginning of the year to wish for good luck and welfare throughout the upcoming 12 months.

Going to another level of strange traditions; some people get ready for the new year by doing some acts, looking forward to a fruitful year. The Colombians carry their bags for a whole day hoping for a travel-filled year, so they can benefit from it. The Danes (Danish people) collect all the unused pieces of china  on 31st of December and they start to shatter all the cups and dishes in front of their families and friends’ houses. That’s one noisy tradition, isn’t it? We’re all familiar with the 10 bell tolls as a countdown for the last 10 seconds in the year. In Japan, however, it is different as they’re actually 108 bell chimes, because they believe that it is a sign of purification from all the sufferings of the past year.







After all, you don’t need to wait for the new year to have your new beginning. Make your own new beginning! Always remember that, not just every year, every day is a new chance to be a better person.