This Is How Countries Celebrate Christmas

Ever wondered how Christmas is celebrated all over the world? Here is how Christmas is celebrated in many countries.

Yup, Christmas is here!!


Every country has its own special way of celebrating Christmas, aka “The Christmas Traditions”.

And this is what  the jingle bells season looks like around the world :

  1. United States:

Many Americans celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December. Known for the vast cultural diversity, traditions differ all across the nation.  Usually, the US has many different traditions because of the multicultural nature and so, you would find the majority of people attending the churches for the special Christmas carol services and events held. A parade of colourful lights, snowmans, reindeer statues all decorate every house on every block by the Christmas Eve. But the most spectacular star of the show would certainly be the massively lit Christmas tree, with the famous New York public Ice skating rink right infront of it, all at the centre of the Rockefeller Centre. 

One other star of the Christmas dinner show would be the Stuffed Turkey right in the middle of the dinner table, with mashed potatoes, vegetables and some roast beef as sides.  he traditional food for Christmas dinner is turkey and mashed potatoes with other vegetables and sometimes roast beef. And for the dessert, an applie pie or Christmas pudding and fruit cake. However, people didn’t forget about Santa, so it’s a tradition to leave some cookies and milk outside as a snack for when he comes by on Christma eve.

2. The United Kingdom:

It’s all about family here in the British Islands, where families gather around the Christmas tree at home and decorate it together as part of the tradition, while opening presents together.   The streets are also beautifuly decorated by Christmas lights which are usually switched on by a celebrity. Oxford street is another famous celebrity at the UK, that hosts thousands of people gathered to watch the big “switch on” by the start of November. One of the most famous streets in Christmas celebrations in Oxford Street as thousands watch the big ‘switch on’ on around the beginning of November. Candle light carol services are also held in many churches.

The main Christmas meal is usually eaten at lunchtime or early afternoon which includes; roast turkey, roast vegetables and sometimes bacon or sausages, dessert would often be Christmas pudding and chocolates. Mince pies are sometimes left outside by children for Santa Clause for when he visits.

3. Canada: 

Canada is a very large country with many different cultural backgrounds. People in Canada send Christmas cards to their friends and families. Canadians like to decorate their houses with Christmas trees, lights and other decorations. Canada is known for the famous Santa Claus parade in Toronto as it is one of the oldest and largest parades in the world ever since 1913, where Santa is pulled through the streets of Toronto and children followed him marching along the route.

The main Christmas meal is often roasted turkey with vegetables. Desserts are; Christmas pudding, mincemeat and fruit Christmas cake. Canada is also famous for baking ginger bread and houses as an old tradition. Canadian kids believe in Santa Clause as there is often a Christmas stocking by the fire place ready for Santa to come.

4. Australia: 

In Australia, Christmas comes in the beginning of summer holidays. Because of this, in Christmas, there are massive bush fires across the country. However, people decorate their houses and gardens with Christmas trees and lights as sometimes there are competitions between neighbours to see who has got the best light display. There are also huge Christmas pageants in each State capital city that are broadcasted all over the country. Most towns have festivals and parades. Most families try to be home together for Christmas.

When it gets to Santa Claus in Australia, he wears lighter clothes as the weather is hot.

The main meal is eaten at lunchtime, most people have a barbecue with seafood such as lobsters and other ‘traditional’ English food. Children leave some cookies and milk for Santa and even carrots for the reindeer.


Christmas trees are very important to Germany, they used it first during late middle ages. However, Germany celebrates Christmas differently as they get ready for Christmas by the ‘Advent’ which is a wreath of Fir tree branches with 24 decorated boxes hanging from it, each box has a little present in it. Christmas Eve is the main day as Germans exchange presents with their families. German is well known for its Christmas markets where all sorts of Christmas food and decorations are sold there.

Carp or Goose are often served for main Christmas meal, also ‘Stollen’ is popular German food that they eat during Christmas. In some parts of Germany, children write to Santa asking for presents during the “Advent” days and in Christmas morning, children wake up to find their letters are gone and replaced with presents. In German ‘Happy Christmas’ is ‘Frohe Weihnachten’.

6. Greece:

In Greece, Christmas Eve is special as children, especially boys, play musical instruments while singing on the streets “Kalamata” (Carols). Christmas trees are popular in Greece but and older and more traditional one is a shallow wooden bowl with a piece of wire suspended across the rim.

Every December, in Aristotelous Square in the city of Thessaloniki, the second biggest city in Greece, puts a huge Christmas tree and three sailing ships as it is a popular tourist attraction.

The main meal is often a roasted lamb or pork often served with spinach, cheese pie and other vegetables. Desserts contain Baklava, Kataifi and cakes. Presents are often brought to children by Aghios Vassilis (saint Basil) on the 1st of January. In Greek ‘Happy Christmas’ is ‘Kala Christougenna’.

So where would you like to spend your next Christmas in? Let us know..