Stay Tuned for Alsun’s Merit Day!

Third time in a row for MIU!

For language enthusiasts, you are kindly invited to experience a one-of-a kind exclusive event to get a sneak peak at the major breakthrough of the Faculty of Al-Alsun that will be hosted on the department’s 3rd Merit Day on Monday, 11th of December 2017, 11:30 AM, room OOA in the Main Building.

Source: University Mail

This is Misr International University’s 3rd time holding such a significant event to recognize its students and help them see their potential to make strides! As generally known, it is a well-organized celebration that is specifically for honoring the high-achieving students who had pulled their weight and went the extra mile making an all-out effort, inspiring us to consider new possibilities, and transforming the way we perceive our capabilities.

The reviewers will be selecting the most exquisite pieces to be discussed, and consequently, honor the students who worked on them. Students who are going to be honored are those who set their sights on subtitling projects, who maintained high GPAs, who got high scores in certain tricky courses, who did the faculty training, and who are extremely expansive regarding student activities. Basically, it’s the day in which every hard worker among Alsun students will be honored for their overall work.

More than that, Merit Day will be providing certificates for those advanced students for their exceptional performances, whether academically or in their career training for the Faculty of Al-Alsun.

If you are good enough and want a push forward so as to prepare yourself for the next step, hang in there! Your day is coming. You may have a bunch of skills, just find the courage to unearth them!