Tanta University has partially banned WhatsApp !!!

Would it be a felicitous decision even though everyone is currently so hooked to it?

As a matter of course, whenever there’s an incident, we a spend couple of days checking the authenticity of rumors, fake visuals, and misinformation. Two days ago, Tanta University has announced the banning of one of the most popular messaging platform among students and the world, which isWHATSAPP!!!

Perhaps the news has already gone on fire about it, whereas Dr Amgad Abdel Raouf, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Tanta University, released some new strategies that include banning the usage of “WhatsApp” and other similar applications PERMANENTLY inside the campus, on account of circulating information and more. Students now are unable to send video chats or photos within the faculty premises and even the text messages are completely blocked. Also, taking pictures became no longer an option as long as it takes place on campus.

Furthermore, there are  several banners and signboards put up on the faculty buildings that obviously convey the magnitude of the decision.  Until now, it is not clear though how the faculty is going to apply this harsh robust decision, but the one thing which is totally inevitable is that it’s going to take time for students to adapt to the new protocol. Seems like some extreme measures, isn’t it? Let’s wait to see what might unravel in the days to come.