Winter is coming: 8 tips to make the most out of this winter

Whether you love winter or not, you better enjoy it!

Do you love or hate winter? Some people admire watching the leaves fall, the smell of the rain, the first breeze that tickles your face in the morning while some people are just like “tuck me in bed right now!” and stay in their little sanctuaries until the season ends. Whether you’re a winter lover or not, here are 8 tips to make the best out of this season!

1) Drink warm beverages

It’s the season of sa7lab, hot chocolate and mocha. Don’t trade them for anything! It’s not everyday that people welcome you with hot chocolate instead of tea.

Bonus: add mini marshmallows on your hot chocolate.

2) Read a good book

A perfect winter is never complete without winter reads. Winter reads are the books that aren’t meant to be read at any time but winter, as their mood and events are pretty much harmonious with the weather.

My personal recommendations are: Let it snow by John Green, The night circus by Erin Morgenstern and Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë.

3) Upgrade your playlist

Following the footsteps of the last point, some songs sound more beautiful under the rain or when you snuggle down in your blanket with a cup of coffee.

Upgrade your playlist with new songs and music that fit the season.

Or just google “winter playlists” and you’ll find plenty of them.

4) Exercise

This one sounds hard, but believe me it is vital especially during winter. First of all, to keep your body warm and your blood circulation healthy as well as burning up some fats _you remember how much weight you’ve put on last winter, don’t repeat the same mistake again_

5) Eat seasonal fruits

Appreciate strawberries, oranges, tangerines, pomegranates and hot sweet potatoes. Winter is short, you’ll miss them soon.

6) Get enough sleep

Winter days are short, with long nights. This, along with the cold weather, can make us feel exhausted and drained. Get at least eight hours a night of good quality sleep. You wouldn’t like the feeling of stepping out of your bed after only four hours of sleep in the ice-cold mornings.

7) Be kind

People usually don’t feel well in winter. A huge number of people face depression, anxiety and panic attacks because of the weather and all the gloominess it pulls. Be that little light beam on a cold morning. Show up. Send love. Reach out for people. And love yourself as well.

8) Relax and reflect

These are the last couple of months in the year, step back and reflect if that’s the way you want to complete your life or not.

Write down what’s making you unhappy in order to change it and what’s making you happy to embrace it.

Take hot bubble baths and light up some candles.

You deserve some “me time.” And believe me, winter is the perfect opportunity.