Omar Kamal, Frank Sinatra of the Middle East

Ever wanted to live back in the 40's and 50's just to attend a Frank Sinatra's Concert?  Here's the opportunity to live the dream.

Ever wanted to live back in the 40’s or 50’s just to attend one of Frank Sinatra’s concerts?  Here is your opportunity to live the dream!

Meet Omar Kamal, a 24-year-old artist from Nablus, Palestine, who has the golden, unique voice that brings you back to the 50’s. Just listening to him makes you think that you’re listening to an alive version of Frank Sinatra.

Omar Kamal started at a very young age by listening to some tunes and trying to apply them on the piano. He got attached to Fayrouz as his mother loved listening to her music, that had some tunes taken from the Western music helping Kamal to learn more about it. Afterwards, Kamal joined a band in Nablus that were sticking to the Eastern music and he learned the violin in order to join them. With that band, Kamal discovered that he could actually sing. By the age of 15, Kamal started to know about Frank Sinatra, admiring his charisma and music.

Right after high school, Kamal went to study in England as his parents asked him to apply for the faculty of Engineering. Last year, Sony Music discovered Kamal’s talent and signed a contract with him, helping Kamal to live the dream.

“Singing is a kind of a human way to connect with the audience”, said Kamal in a BBC interview.

Omar Kamal has added his touch to many songs, as he’s fluent in singing both in English and in Arabic, yet people still love listening to him for the sake of his music, even if they don’t understand the lyrics. It is kind of unfamiliar, but Kamal actually excelled in singing Fayrouz’s song “Ya Ana”, adding english lyrics to the song with the same music which was originally composed by Mozart, adding “The Swing Style” which is also known as “The Sinatra Style”.

However, The Palestinian Pop star shared his fears with his audience in some of the interviews; as Kamal is trying to focus more on music rather than politics, he’s afraid that people won’t give him a chance regarding his nationality.

The international star never forgot his country; he sang “Mawtini” -written by Ibrahim Tofan- which is one of his hit songs in concerts that the audience always ask him to sing again.

It is criticised that, even though people are enjoying Kamal’s concerts and are charmed by his so-like-Frank-Sinatra’s charisma, some think that singing cover songs doesn’t show his real identity in the music field. However, Kamal replied to that saying that he chose a path that not every artist would choose as it is difficult because he mixes between two cultures; English and Arabic, and not everyone could understand what he’s doing and that is the biggest challenge for him. This, also, helps him create his unique identity and direct his music to music lovers, as “It’s all about music”.

Omar Kamal’s “Serenade” album was a big hit earlier in 2017, with remarkable songs such as “Fire”, “Why try to change me”,  “Only you”, and also singing cover songs such as “Never felt so good” for Michael Jackson.

In addition, he performed several concerts in the UK, Manama, Beirut, and Amman. Kamal visited Cairo for the very first time as a guest for Mona El-Shazly’s  show “Maakom Mona El-Shazly”. He mentioned that he is willing to visit Egypt again, but this time, he will make a tour in different places all over Egypt not only in Cairo.

So, if Kamal announced the dates of his tour in Egypt, Will you go and live a day back in the 50’s to know what it felt like back then? Go try his music before making your decision!