The Final Destination Week

Hold on tight, be patient, and you'll rock your career.

The Final Destination Week.

“Face your deepest fears… Before they face you.”

Whenever you hear the sound of the wooden carts carrying the exam papers, do you get these chills? Do you feel a huge lump in your throat? Like you have just seen a tape of how you are going to die, or how you are going to get killed, to be more accurate. Believe me, you are not alone. Students gathering around the copy center, no room for a needle to drop at the open access, all the students are walking around campus with their heads buried in books and handouts… Yes, it is the finals week.

It is normal to feel helpless, especially in your first year at MIU, so we will take you through this unique adventure; from the minute you see your finals schedule until you open the student portal to check your grades.

The first phase is studying. Whether you have all the subjects right after each other, or you have a couple of days before each subject, let’s face it, you are going to panic. If all the subjects are right after each other, you won’t be able to finish the entire curriculum. If there are a couple of days before each subject You will postpone everything, and guess what? You won’t be able to finish the entire curriculum.

Here comes the second phase; when you start leaving some of the questions during the exam time, you may start thinking about a career shift, or of a way to tell your parents that you are done with education.

Not to mention that the couple of weeks between finishing your exams and the grades are the hardest. You can’t go out and have fun because you are scared and feeling guilty, but you can’t just spend these weeks at home. You need to go out and socialize. Check which one of your friends has a spare bed at their house, you will probably need that.

Then that grand moment will come when you wait for the student portal to open and you will feel a cold shiver running down your spine. It will be the longest minutes of your life. Get prepared to talk to your parents about your grades and since it is your first year at university, they will think that you are a failure… How come you didn’t get straight A’s? Well, mum and dad, this is MIU we are talking about.

When you start your second year, it won’t be as difficult as your first one. Not because the curriculum is getting easier, but because your MIU-immunity system will get better. It will start functioning from the first day of your second year until you graduate, so don’t be scared. It is just a matter of time and university won’t seem as hard anymore.

When you finish the midterms, don’t forget that you will make it up in the finals… When you finish the finals, don’t forget that God will make it up to you. Hold on tightly and get ready.