Life after Graduation!

Giving up is not the answer in all ways.

It almost takes a little while to adapt to the world without college. Through your whole entire life, you have been accustomed to a regular turnover which is completely recognized. when you fed up with a certain group you move on, when that one professor bothers you unnecessarily you forge ahead after four months, and even when it is announced that there’s a group project, you are the one who selects your group members.  Along with that, there is nothing you are obliged to stick to the rest of your journey. There is always a mentor observing, if there’s any kind of screw up you have done. Unlike how it goes to college where there’s no one to guide you but yourself. Eventually, it may take you a lot of efforts to get on track, life may definitely beat on you several times and depression does set in. You may realize that life has become a roller coaster of infinite stressful moments, so remember that chapters can be written on all what’s went out, but the journey isn’t partly finished.

When you choose a job, make sure this is really what you want to spend the rest of your life doing it, and whenever you feel like “it’s not what you have been seeking for”, just leave it! Leaving sometimes doesn’t mean you’re not strong enough to face, it means you are smart enough not to waste your strength on something that doesn’t belong to you. Just don’t be naive to think that when you’re graduate every employer out there will hold the door up for you, it never goes without some patience and persistence until you find the right community that is suitable for your talent and intuitive service. Lots of people have started with less than they thought they would, and apparently, life has never locked them in this phase for the rest of their lives.

Absolutely, being the youngest person in the place among your co-workers sucks because every one of the team automatically will assume that you’re not capable to do what they are doing. Actually, age has never been an issue if you proved yourself from day one and got to show them what they are currently blind to see in you. Moreover, it’s never a good idea to sit in your office and not to communicate with your coworkers. Go around and break the ice as soon as you can and never wait for them to make the first step. It will make you noticeable in the new workplace. Don’t forget that you are the one who helps them to draw their first impression of you, so you have to leave a good one for your own sake.

Of course, friendship is a must in our lives, it is the one thing which makes life bearable somehow. Nonetheless, it negatively affects us because of the separation that might happen after university. Maybe you cannot manage to meet them daily as you used to do because life has taken each one of you to different paths, but there’s always a bond that connects you even after a long time of no see. It’s just about one phone call that makes every day possible and makes you forget whatever stressing you. They strengthen you in different ways in which they make you feel loved and secured, and above all, they make life worthwhile. Adding to that adulthood is tough and every one of us needs someone to share their daily basis with. Try to keep up with your old friends, at the same time, get to know new ones in your new environment and always work on making your communication circle bigger!

You basically will transform into a bit better understanding and organized person who cares about himself/herself more than before. Life surroundings will lead you to grasp more about the conditions and circumstances around you. You will be seeking self-improvement in your field like applying to certain courses related to your career and facing good opportunities you supposed to put all your effort into. It gives you some kind of encouragement to develop and work on making yourself glow with experience. Afterwards, you will end up being a wiser human-being who looks back at college pictures and being like ” OH GOD who is that?! ” sarcastically.

Furthermore, sometimes though you will be disappointed and pretty pressured for a while. It’s okay to have those frustrating moments, nothing is perfect anyways. All your coworkers do face these struggles every day. Even though it seems they are enjoying their lives on several of application posts, they do feel the same deep inside. However, you have to detach your work from your social life. It may seem a hard balance to set, and it may also seem a case to case basis, but once you put a strategy to your life you will be able to live it the way you like.

” Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.”  –Thomas A. Edison

Ultimately; with patience, perseverance and leaning on GOD about all things, your life will be fine. From now on, every step on the ladder of life you are totally responsible for, so decide wisely what you really want to do and don’t panic! Just build your hopes on something eternal. Graduation isn’t the end, it’s just the start of embarking on a whole new level of proving yourself.