Welcome Party 2017: A YEAH OR A NAH?

2017's welcome party, was it a big success or a great disappointment or just a little bit of both?

Every single year all MIUans wait desperately for the welcome party. Our stage has witnessed great superstars from Mohamed Hamaki and Tamer Hosny to Cairokee. This year we were filled with hope that Mahmoud El Essily’s spirit and Ramy Ayash’s voice will relieve our midterms stress.

The party began with the super-star Mahmoud El-Essily’s active performance which we all danced on his nostalgic and new hits. Then, the Dj Waleed El Hariri played his intensive tracks filling people with some enthusiasm. Finally, the super-star Ramy ayash showed up, singing Lebanese and Egyptian songs in a try to heat up things just a little. Now comes the big question, did the welcome party rise-up to your expectations or was it all a big disappointment? Being humans we barely agree on anything and so between for and against we decided to reflect all

On one hand, there were several points that the students enjoyed. To begin with, the students loved the choices of the DJ in music which was all about the new and rhythmic tracks. In addition, the timing of the welcome party was a big hit as the students were all exhausted and tired after the overwhelming midterms and needed something to bring them back to life. Let us not forget about the sensual part of the night with the violist and saxophonist which was nothing less but exceptional. Moreover, the time in which the concert ended was suitable for some students who have a curfew.

On the other hand, there were some other aspects that didn’t meet the student’s expectations. For the first time, there was no voting of any kind denying the students their right to choose between different singers which was devastating by all means. Moreover, the sound check took too long while it could have been done before students’ arrival. In addition, the limited variety of the sponsors had a negative impact as students reached a point in the party where they couldn’t even find water to buy. Can you believe it?! the college was out of water. when it comes to ending the concert early it was a double edged weapon; it suited the curfew students but it definitely made others feel like they didn’t get enough of the stars or the fun company.

In conclusion, “diversity is the art of thinking together independently”, so the students’ different opinions means that every one of them recognized different parts of the event. In the end if we all agreed then humanity will be lost turning us all to a bunch of robots.