Language Engineering Conference

Have you heard about ESOLEC?
It’s an annual conference organized by the Egyptian Society of Language Engineering (ESOLE).
And guess where will it be held in this year?
For the first time,  it’s at MISR INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY!
All students can attend the sessions on Wednesday, 6th of December at 9 AM, and Thursday, the 7th of December at 5 PM. It is free of charge, so go choose your preferred topic and attend the session.
(ESOLEC) covers a broad spectrum of technical areas related to natural language and computational linguistics. The previous conferences were so fruitful that it is important, especially to Computer Sciences and Alsun students to avoid missing such chance. There will be a discussion by specialized reviewers upon the papers which are reporting new research results of original ideas, algorithms or systems of language engineering. Everyone attending the sessions will have a chance to ask, understand and join the discussion. Also, extended versions of high quality papers will be chosen by the conference committee to be published in the Society’s Journal of Language Tngineering.
Don’t miss the chance to attend, maybe your research will get published next year!

Here’s the link to the event, check it out: