Introverts’ Guide to Prospering in College Life!

How to go from introvert to extrovert in easy simple ways..

“Have you ever felt the struggle of getting along with a certain community?” This question was asked to a portion of students on campus and the answer was “YES! ABSOLUTELY, YES!” Most of their replies were that they had highly felt this way in their freshman year.  Most probably, moving from one community to another represents a critical phase of life, yet an important one. The shift from school to university somehow strikes a feeling of panic, as it seems like you’re getting out of your comfort zone to face a completely different life style, with new people and circumstances. It’s a bit scary, yet WORTH DISCOVERING!

Along with all the entertaining aspects of university, comes a point where you feel like you can’t interact with others, you can’t keep up with their thoughts, you suck at keeping in touch, you have commitment issues, you’re  forced to talk and socialize, you put on a mask every morning before going out, you pay attention to your every word, you’re anxious about the first impression people may have of you, and you miss school life hoping it’d come back to stop the longing, because you’re just too afraid to turn the page. This eventually ends up with you feeling like a total outsider, who can’t deal with college life anymore and starts hating everything related to university.

Undoubtedly, we have all faced something similar to that, where you felt that you don’t belong to either the place or the new different culture and you’re supposed to cope with that all at once. At some points, you feel like you’re a part of a group of people, but then suddenly you get this feeling that you don’t belong with them, so you move on and get to know other people who, later-on, become your best-friends. Thinking about it, you’ll understand that life had planned it all for you to encounter those you’re meant to be with. This is precisely how life goes by; you need a period of time to choose your squad and the people you can be yourself around. Developing self-control will make you choose the easy-going characters and the most similar souls to yours so you can go through life with them.

At this phase of life you’re going to meet different people, new perspectives, odd opinions, various hopes, and weird fears. Each one you meet on that long journey called Life, will grant you the chance to explore new mentalities with diverse backgrounds, which will consequently broaden your knowledge a bit more and help you understand life better. They can make a bunch of different adventures come to existence, they may be cool and energetic, they may drive you to discover more about yourself and let you encounter new issues you have never thought of before, they may encourage you to achieve things you always dreamt about, they may paint your life and upgrade everything to the best version it could be. After all, knowing people can give you a load of experience to face whatever life meets you with.

There are two types of people, some who fight hard to explore new situations and others that don’t even exert a little effort to adapt to their current situations. It’s weird how people want to be remembered, yet they keep hiding from their lives that way! Like walking to university, attending lectures, and directly returning back home. Where is your life, then? What do you spend “the best days of your life” doing? It’s extremely important to prove yourself as this will show the real YOU to people around. Just go and open up to others, listen to them, get to know the weirdest things they have done, discuss the rights and wrongs, talk about your beliefs and hopes, do some crazy stuff with them, join clubs, share your creative thoughts and try to reveal all that you’ve kept bottled up for long.

Fortunately, university nowadays encourages students to show themselves more and more through activities conducted on campus, so try as much as you can not to miss out the opportunity to be a part of any organization and go for it! Sometimes fear from rejection can put out the lights of your eyes and bring down your lively soul. It’s like you’re having the most precious thing you’ve ever held in your hands, yet you put it away because you are just too afraid you might break it. It’s holding you a back and controlling your moves and actions. It kills your ambition! Don’t ever allow these negative thoughts to suffocate you and remember that it’s one of the most hurtful feelings to be isolated and unproductive or to be asked how your life is going and not being able answer because there’s not much to be told.

Lots of students from previous years cracked those codes in their last few semesters in college and they regretted each time they had the opportunity to try but sadly didn’t. So here you are, lucky enough to still have the chance to stop hiding and allow your life to take its turns. There’s absolutely no time for you to lock yourself up among the walls of your room, go out and explore the world around you, there’s a lot of beauty to discover and more light to behold. It’s going to be a hell of a different start!