Surviving midterms 101

From apathy to progress.Happy hunger games and may the odds be ever in your favor...

All of us are currently going through one of the toughest times of each semester. Surprisingly, we handle it very poorly.  We return back from the university and spend whatever is left of the day watching TV shows on the sofa while holding our phones and that’s when we realize it’s too late for studying and decide to go to bed with the hope and a dream that tomorrow will be the day of the hard work and studying. Unfortunately, this type of hard working tomorrows never come by and the next day becomes a copy of the day before. Now all that remains is some procrastinating to do and some nagging about how much is yet left to be done followed by anxiety where all what we do is over-think our failures to be. WE LACK ENERGY, it’s as simple as that, so we decided to gift you with some smart easy tips to over come any up-coming HUNGER GAMES!!!


There’s a psychology phenomenon called Context-Dependent Memory, it states that it’s easier for humans to remember the content of their studies in places similar to the ones where the information was invoked. For example, if the exam hall you are going to be in is quiet, try as much as possible to study in a similar quiet environment. The circumstances around you make quite a difference, so try to set yourself in an environment that’s close enough to the one you are going to be in during the exam time.


Food definitely have a dynamic impact at such times. Leafy greens like lettuce and broccoli keep you active throughout the day and prevent high blood pressure as they are low in calories and high in nutrients. Not only do they give an unbelievable energy and brain power but also they increase productivity and performing levels.  Another well known fact is to keep your body well-hydrated so don’t forget to drink 8 glasses of water daily to help you concentrate more and feel less sluggish and exhausted.


Even if you’ve achieved just the bare minimum, reward yourself every once in a while. Eat a bar of chocolate, listen to a piece of music, take a walk outside, or don’t do a thing at all and enjoy relaxing. It’s going to recharge your energy to be able to get back to your studies with eagerness.


Sleeping is a survival need that can’t be diminished. Aside from not being able to concentrate if you didn’t get enough sleep and feeling exhausted all the time, you may also experience mood swings which is going to reflect badly on your productivity span. Try to stick to a sleeping schedule, create a cool room temperature, throw away all work stresses, and go for a deep sleep for 7 to 9 hrs  at least.


Arriving a bit early before the exam time reduces the amount of concern and worries by half. Sit down with your friends, drink your beverage caffeine and just relax. Further more, for all the anxiety savages over here, arriving early will give a chance to pick the seat you prefer and comfortable with.

All in all, these tips are basically a defensive mechanism while taking fire. Exams probably have its own horror side, but it’s not reasonable to complain 24/7 without taking a serious action. Just do your best and it will always be good enough because in the end it’s not about how much you are stressed, it’s about how you can effectively deal with it. “ I can’t change the direction of the wind but I can adjust my sails to always reach my destination “ –Jimmy Dean.