LEAD! A New Club On Stage


“I have a certain principle in life, and that is anybody can have multiple careers with different tasks and goals in life, and anybody can achieve them, and succeed in them” -Ahmed Zaatar.

Those were the strong words of Ahmed Zaatar, the founder and president of the new club ‘Lead’. Ahmed is a third-year dentistry student, who also happens to have a rather unique lifestyle, which many thought  was bizarre.

Ahmed was inspired to start this club when people kept bragging him about his lifestyle, and how he’s capable of mixing both

Photos by: Nouran A. Hassan

his professional hobby, Karate, and his education.

“Back in May, 2017, I was completely stressed out, in between studying for finals, taking courses and my trainings. People kept telling me why do I keep on training and why don’t I devote myself for studying only? That’s when it struck me, why can’t I achieve more than one goal at a time?”

What is Lead?

As quoted from their bio “Lead is a student activity in Misr International University merging sports,development,entertainment and charity together under the slogan of “Conquer From

Lead’s club logo


The main idea of this student activity is sports and combining 4 committees in one club only.The aim of this club is to develop the members and teach them how to deal with multiple tasks at the same time.”

You can visit their page for more information! Lead

And don’t forget to check out their teaser video here!

Mission and Vision?

The club’s vision, as the president had stated, is to develop a generation of youth, who are capable of dealing with multiple tasks at one time. It plans to change the mindset of the students, from having only to achieve their academic goal, to achieve their personal goals on a professional level. “People are not only able to achieve more than one goal at a time, but also able to take it on a professional level, if willing, and not just as hobbies” -Zaatar. The club’s activities will indulge in four main departments: sports, charity, self-development and entertainment.

“Members of this club will be able to participate in each and every department in the club, as some of the events will be a combination that will require two or more departments. Also, each event can be attended by all members, whether it was their committee or not, they’ll be able to

“People are not only able to achieve more than one goal at a time, but also able to take it on a professional level, if willing, and not just as hobbies”

learn how to put schedules for themselves and how to manage their time, not just on the club level, but on a personal level as well.”

Committees and Their Roles:

  • PR: Responsible for offline publicity, fundraising and sponsorship
  • HR: Responsible for regulating and implementing the rules, attendance policy and most importantly, keeping the spirits high. Which Ahmed Zaatar believes to be the keyrole to success in any club or any organization in general.
  • Media: Responsible for designing and photography
  • OC: Co-ordination, decoration and event organization
  • Social Media: Responsible for the webpage, the Instagram account, and the Snapchat account.
  • Development committee: Responsible for hunting speakers, self-development and leadership courses.
  • Charity committee: Responsible for holding events for giving away blankets, and prosthetic limbs for diabetic patients whom lost their limbs
  • Entertainment committee: Responsible for organizing outings and trips and activities for club members.

Last but not least, a word from the founder and president to MIU students:

“Unfortunately, not many students are willing to take the risks and do the steps in order to achieve their goals. This is the ideal age to do the hard work, to be able to properly use all of your resources as a university student. We still don’t have those huge responsibilities that hold us back, we must utilize every moment from now to build our future. We must focus on what’s beyond university, not just until we graduate, university is nothing but another stepping stone, go and work for your dreams and goals, you must sacrifice with the hard work, nothing pays off but hard work, and this is the best time to do it, if not now, then when?”

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