IEEE Launches at MIU

"Unleashing Abilities, Leading the Future".

While there are more than 36 active student branches across Egypt,  IEEE is finally launching at Misr International University and in order to know further details, we interviewed IEEE MIU SB vice-president, Tarek Khalifa.

IEEE, pronounced as “Eye-Triple-E”, stands for Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers, and it is considered to be the world’s largest technical professional non-profit world-wide association where its roots go back to the era of Thomas Edison* who was the co-founder of the American Institute of Electrical Engineers (AIEE), which was later combined with the Institute of Radio Engineers (IRE)  to give birth to IEEE association.

IEEE sets up an annual conference for all Engineers around the world in all fields (Architecture, Computer science, Electronics, Chemical, and Mechanical) as well as seminars, webinars, and International workshops in various fields to introduce new technologies and much more stuff that are all interrelated together.

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“IEEE  MIU SB aims to introduce many individuals to all branches of Engineering as they are all interlinked with Electronics and Communications Engineering” said Khalifa.

The beginnings:

The launching of IEEE in MIU started as an idea back in 2009, but due to certain circumstances no actions were taken back then, until October 2016 where the first proposal was written down , negotiations took place ,and approvals were granted for IEEE MIU to be a new student branch by the geographical unit, in order to take Approvals from the headquarters in the United States.

There are twelve founders and co-founders, three endorsers, and a counselor accordingly, these are the prime parts of the requirements in order to launch any student branch for IEEE as explained by Tarek Khalifa.




Committees and Heads:  

” IEEE MIU SB consists of  2 main large committees, and underneath each committee departments are set and these are the Organization Committee (OC) and the Academic Committee (AC)”- stated Khalifa as he continued in further explanation of  the hierarchy, “Its president: Ahmed Khaled, vice-president :Tarek Khalifa, then it breaks down into the  OC/Treasurer head: Laila Yehia, whom beneath comes the PR/coaching  head:Nada Sabry and co-head: Omar Monsef,  the HR head: Mohammed Hassan, the Event planning head: LamaYasser and co-head: Magda Mohammed,and finally the Media head: Fady Shereen and co-head:Tawfik Ahmed“.

“Moving on to the Secretary/AC head: Yasmine Heikal, and the two co-heads: Nataly Raed & Daniel Abdo.”

“The Counceler: Dr. Mohammed Asaad,  1st endorser: Assistant Prof.Emam Ragab, 2nd endorser: Eng.Malak Yousry, and 3rd endorser: Eng.Omar Morsy”  added Khalifa.

Founders of IEEE (Heads and co-heads)

Roles of departments:

  • AC: Explanation for long-term courses for members and technical events.
  • Event planning: Organization of events, decorations, booth planning, and delegates’ courses.
  • Media: Photography, design making, management of the social media pages as the Facebook page, and creating IEEE MIU SB website.
  • PR and Coaching: Fundraising and coaching soft skills sessions for all students.
  • HR: Evaluation and development of the members.

IEEE  MIU offers the privilege for all its members to attend all the events and workshops, in order to get full experience beside the committee, which they are assigned to. Where professional delegates will conduct their workshops to help them learn very well as well as certificates will also be given.

“The main focus in the first period will be  Arduino workshops which are the micro-controllers that will definitely help anyone to create his own project and they’ll also open the scope for introduction of the embedded systems” – said Tarek.

IEEE MIU SB first members’ recruitment will be on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th of October 2017, in front of the main building’s entrance and students from all faculties are more than welcomed to come and apply as it is not restricted for ECE or Computer Science studentsonly. Shortly, all the criteria for each department will be announced on the IEEE MIU SB Facebook page.

Facebook page link: IEEE MIU SB