Coffee, Why Do I Love You That Much?

"Coffee - the favorite drink of the civilized world." - Thomas Jefferson

“May all your days be full of coffee.” *Emoji with heart eyes*. Unluckily, this is not a morning text, but it is one of the most prominent quotes that I heard today, uhhh what a day! Today was one of the pretty wonderful days; the sun was shiny and the birds were flying everywhere singing happily. The beautiful colorful flowers, which inhabit the small parterre that my room overlooks, were dancing lightly with the gentle winds and the streets were unusually quiet, peaceful and uncrowded.  Everything was bayonet and happy except me. Unfortunately, today wasn’t my lucky day; I woke up at a late hour in the morning because I forgot to set the alarm yesterday. So, I was in a hurry to get ready for work as fast as possible because I was already late. However, all the surroundings weren’t helping me, I didn’t find any amiable clothes to wear as all my favorite clothes were in the laundry, So I put on whatever my hand reached in the wardrobe. Moreover, the electricity and water went out, so I couldn’t wear makeup, comb my hair in a satisfying way, have my breakfast or even my lovely coffee. I arrived to work an hour late, and in fact I wasn’t in a good mood. I was either acting in an aggressive attitude towards anyone or ignoring whoever is talking to me until I had my magical cup of coffee that changed my attitude 180 degrees.

“May all your days be full of coffee,” said one of my colleagues.

“I don’t know how a small cup of coffee can change you to that extent.” He added

“Because coffee is the best to drink on that planet.” I replied.

“Why you love coffee that much?” he asked.

I thought for a while, but I didn’t have any answer so I just replied “I don’t know.”

This conversation pushed me to really think why I love coffee so much? Why  can’t my day pass peacefully without it? As I couldn’t have specific answers for those two questions, I surfed the Internet. I found that there is no  exact origin or time in which  coffee was discovered; however, there are many myths about its origin. The most renowned myth is the coffee forests on the Ethiopian plateau. It says that coffee used to be cultivated in the Ethiopian plateau and it was coincidentally discovered by a goat of an Ethiopian man. The goat ate a fruit that looks exactly like berries -coffee- from a tree and then it became so robust and stayed awake all night. The Ethiopian man reported the abbot, the head of monks, about it, after that the abbot prepared with the discovered fruit drink and as a result he became alert till the praying time. The abbot told the rest of the monks about it, and that was the begging from which coffee spread all over Africa, then reached the Arabian Peninsula to be one of the most enjoyable social drink and then invaded the whole world. *wow*

Although, I found this precious information; however, I haven’t found an answer for my question yet. So, I decided to pay a visit to a doctor.

“Good afternoon. What are your problems, miss?”

“I am a coffee addict.” *monkey emoji covering its mouth*

[/media-credit] the doctor’s reaction

“And I don’t know why I love coffee that much!” I added

“It is crystal clear that your case is hopeless, dear.” *dramatic background music*

I went back home accompanied with disappointment, thinking that I will never know the answer. Then I decided to ask the coffee beans themselves; I collected some beans from different types of coffee, put them on the table and asked them.

“Why do I love you so much?”

“It is very simple sweet heart ; you love us because we: ”

1) Boost your brain power and alert your attention.

2) Make you feel relaxed.

3) Warm your heart on the tough cold days of winter.

4) Make your social life better by gathering you with other coffee lovers.

5) Increase your metabolism by 11%.

We think that these reasons are enough to love us and now it’s the time to return to our jars. The coffee beans waved to me and left.