The pure heart

how shall a normal man like me know, I`m a human after all!

Even people who claim simplicity will be triggered by a little glimpse of fame power or superiority.
They will be nothing more than those they deny and disapprove.

What do you expect? we are humans after all!
we are driven by our animal instincts by the lust for more and more..
More power, more control and more attention.

we all are the small kids we were born looking around seeking for attention seeking for superiority.

People who mastered themselves and raised above their animal instincts, people who value what really matters in life; our bonds, relations and our kindness to others..
Does they exist?
Legends call them pure heart but have they ever existed?
Men who never think of themselves but others. Driven by the lust of feeling themselves better they aren’t. All they want is others!

Have this world ever seen one of them?
Have this earth ever witnessed a pure heart?
What would you expect, we are humans after all!
Why am I not one of them?
Why can’t I be one of them?
What should I do to be one of them?
It just seems that I`m not good enough.

What should I do to turn off my instincts, to turn off those voices screaming in my head ordering me to do what have been passed to me by my genes?!
“Go conquer the world” they say..
“Go with your lust for more” they say..!
Unfortunately, more is unreachable more by it’s definition is what you never get.

Do the so-called pure hearts hear these voices? Or were they born better? Or did they turn it off?..
how shall a normal man like me know,

I`m a human after all!