Khaled Balabel writes :-“Creativity or madness”

"Those who were dancing were called insane by those who couldn't hear the music" -F. Nietzsche.

“Those who were dancing were called insane by those who couldn’t hear the music”
-F. Nietzsche.

If you asked yourself, even once, what was the difference between creativity and madness, it would end up with you rubbing your chin and looking at the sky trying to figure out the answer.

However, if your headphones were on and you were listening to Szpilman whose hands, under the Jewish siege, were smoothly dancing on his imaginary piano, you will realize that after getting his freedom he has produced the greatest notes ever depending on those nights under the siege.

When you read the biography of Albert Einstein, you will find that this insane scientist spent most of his life trying to prove that there is a bigger power in this universe, which is the creator. Or when you read the words of your favorite novelist who could turn some papers into a magnificent piece of art by his pen…he takes you to the Land of Oz where you become another person with a different name, character, and place.

He makes you live the scene perfectly. Of course, those were mad men. However, look, they were also the most creative ones in the world.The ultimate creative process happened billions of years ago when god created the cosmos. It is all madness for the human brain.

Why can’t we just get free? Forget about our worries, stresses, and troubles. Why can’t we just be mad and listen to the music Nietzsche pointed at, and dance?

Perhaps, by doing that, history will remember us as the creative ones.

Go mad…Be creative.

-Khaled Balabel.