Gift OR Kiss!

Companies misinterpreted this day n' made it all about the gift, they strongly stressed out that point that we started to believe it!

“C’mon now, DO NOT miss this spectacular offer, the best gift for your beloved mother, GET her the gift she deserves!”
haven’t you ever wondered how this whole thing started? it is quite interesting, you know.
wiki says that it started in 1908 in the US by someone called Anna Jarvis when she held a memorial for her deceased mother in church.
believing that your mother is the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world,she made a campaign in order to make “Mother’s Day” a recognized holiday. up till now everything is just great, so how did it become a commercial day in which companies all over the world exploit people! being an official day recognized by about 40 countries around the world made it more of a holiday or a festival than it is a day of sentiment n’ showing gratitude. so on, companies started to produce pre-made cards specially for mother’s day, not to mention the roses n’ the amount of very unuseful, non-related n’ totally not expressing anything gifts, they used this day to increase sales, commercials for this day start with the beginning of March! here n’ there you find discounts, talk shows, Mother’s Day put up everywhere.
companies misinterpreted this day n’ made it all about the gift, they strongly stressed out that point that we started to believe it!
how can mother’s day go by without getting my mother a gift, have i gone crazy or what?!
Anna Jarvis became resentful of the commercialization of mother’s day as she believed that the emphasis of the day was on sentiment, not profit n’ that people should appreciate their mothers through handwritten cards.
away from this commercialization, this day has become a burden to lots of people, whether because they feel stressed to buy gifts or simply because their mother is no longer there for her day.
no second goes by without one thinking of his mother or needing her, it’s an everlasting feeling no matter how old you are, she is above one day.
it is supposed to be a day to honor mothers, well, isn’t that everyday of our lives?!

-Fayrouz Farrag.