V for vendetta

The hero of the story is an idea not person, because the idea never dies.

“Remember, remember, the Fifth of November, the Gunpowder Treason and Plot. I know of no reason why the Gunpowder Treason should ever be forgot”
A main rhyme in 17th centuryin England, a man that everything started with, including that rhyme, “Remember, remember, the Fifth of November”, a man that has been hanged for treason and tortured by the king then and his followers, a man who tried to blow up the parliament building with the gunpowder, a man called “Guy Fawkes”.

But how is that related to our story, the story of “V for Vendetta”? That is the plot of the movie and its structure also. That is what “James McTeiguethe director of the movie tried to deliver, a message that no one should ever forget if the person dares to watch it, he decided to have an idea to build his work, based on true story, but the hero of the story is an idea not a person, because the idea never dies.

James McTeigue” had the assistance of “The Wachowski Brothers”, “Lilly & Lana” beside “David Lloyd” to be the writer and the narrator of this movie, and to extract the words, sentences, scenario from its mine. Each word has its own purpose, no one of them is a waste of time or just to fill even a second. The music also had a huge role to deliver this piece of art and the responsible for it was “Dario Marianelli”, the cinematography goes to “Adrian Biddle” as the director of photography, and film editing was for “Martin Walsh”.

The movie starts with introducing the story of “The Fifth of November” that became a holiday to
celebrate with the fireworks, but in this era the high counselor “Adam Sutler” banned many things to celebrate including this day until most of the people forgot it, but the main character who represents the idea of the whole movie started to remind the people of London about that day, at the same time to try to blow the system up by his actions and let the people build an authority that serves the people not role them, the first action was blow up the Baily building in London in the Fifth of November, with an eye beside him for “Evey” who was rescued from Sutler’s men during the curfew by “V”.

People should not be afraid of their government, governments should be afraid of their people”, one of the most important quotes that said in the movie that represents every era in every country along history. “V” said that quote to “Evey” when he decide to host her in his house after rescuing her once again, to be the first and only person that has ever seen and entered his house which he always calls“the shadow gallery”, and then the story begins to narrate who is really “V”.

Maybe the general idea of the movie, or the motive of the hero is a main purpose, but there is always a personal goal behind everything even that the hero is about to rescue the whole world, so the personal goal for “v” is revenge, to kill every person who participated in tortured him before. The story goes back to “Larkhill detention center” when punch of people decided to have some prisoners to make some tests on them in order to create a cure for unreleased disease, but all of the prisoners died due to the cruel tests except for one, yes that him “V” and he named himself by that name because his room number was number five which is written in old British language “V”. Although the detention center was below up by accident and burned out but “V” was still alive but he died from inside, and he lived for one purpose, revenge.

Always the woman is the secret to change the man, that’s what happened with “V” when he faced “Evey” for the first time, she changed his opinion about life, so he tried to change her in return, and he succeeded in get rid of her fear as she wished before by simulating the Larkhill prison, she believed everything, the torture, insulting and hard questioning about the identity of “V”, she thought that he was testing her loyalty for “V”, but he was killing her inside fear, and that what she liked after because she was the key of return “The Fifth of November”, she was the unfinished business for “V”.

It’s the time of the truth, it’s the time of revenge, it’s the time of change, it’s time. The authority by the counselor “Adam Sutler” released a fatal virus that he has the cure already. He applied the theory that if anyone wants to control the people, he has to possess the fear of them. That’s how he owned the authority and that’s how he lost it in the same time but vice versa. After “v” had his own revenge, it’s time for people’s revenge, he created the symbol of “V” that everyone is “V”, and that leaded to the fear of the authority that ended by cutting the head of the snake. Although “V” died but he represented the people, he represented the father, the mother, the daughter and son, the sister, the brother, he represented everyone who seeks for change. Then “Evey” had to finish his business who started it in the first place, she decided to press the button of freedom, the button of the train which carries explosives and fireworks that should boom the building of the parliament and to resurrect the idea of “Guy
Fawkes” once more, the idea of “The Fifth ofNovember”.

It was one of the biggest challenges for an actor to be unknown until the last the second of the movie and to present an idea not a character, that’s what “Hugo Weaving” succeeded in when he played the role of “V”, when “Natalie Portman” helped to get the character with the best way by her character “Evey”. The cast contained “Stephen Rea” as “detective Finch”, “Tim Pigott-Smith” as “Creedy”, “Ben Miles” as “Dascomb”, “John Hurt” as “Adam Sutler”, “Stephen Fry” as “Deitrich”, “Roger Allam” as “Lewis Prothero” and many of actors who played an important role to deliver a masterpiece to the crowd around the globe.

The movie was released in (2006) with a budget cost the team responsible for, around (54) million dollars with earnings during the opening week in the box office about (25.6) million dollars and around the world was (132.5) million dollars. The movie was nominated for (27) awards and won (7) of them. The rate of the movie is (8.2/10) according to “IMDb”. Although the movie has some arguments about the plot of it was political or not and it only won (7) awards, but it won the heart and mind of its fan instilled the plot of it inside them “Ideas never die”.

A review by/ Mostafa Kassem.