Black as usual

Lovers of this color are distinguished by their strong will, and the ability to understand other

In the past, black was known as a symbol of pessimism and sadness; it is the color of mystery, rebellion, and gravity, as it reflects the terrifying depth and mysterious secrets, and at the same time symbolizes both challenge and regret. Despite this reality, that doesn’t prevent many from preferring it, whether for their cars or their clothes. These people are distinguished by their generosity, discipline, and skill in commercial and financial matters.
It is addition to being a charming feature of clothes and accessories -as it combines simplicity, elegance and attractiveness-, it is the most beautiful female appearance in the attractiveness of black, and the appearance of men, with elegance, depth, and ambiguity. Moreover, this color gives a charming touch of beauty and luxury to the corners of the house, making it a painting that can’t be missed. The black brings comfort to the soul and helps you sleep by absorbing light.
It has been said about black that it is the master of colors, for its neutrality, as it lends beauty to the rest of the colors, giving the existence of other colors their real significance. There is no dictionary differences when it comes to black, and during the process of searching for the black color, the search for its contrast is sought, that is, the white color, for there lies a rivalry between the two colors since the beginning.
Despite this color being used for mourning in the Arab countries, it symbolizes self-esteem and respect, and also indicates the established traditions. It is usually related to the unknown and secretive matters, and is also the color of mystery, as it is the color that helps a person in preventing and protecting against the emotional stress that can be imposed on him. This color creates a barrier between him and the surrounding outside world, providing comfort and hiding weaknesses and lack of self-confidence. People usually use black in a way to hide something from others.
Lovers of this color are distinguished by their strong will, and the ability to understand others. They are known for their ambiguity, and they always ask others to respect their privacy and their private lives, and they in turn respect the life and privacy of others. On the contrary, those who hate this color, are distinguished by their love for humor and fun, and they always seek to run after all life’s delights; they love nature and rarely get bored, because they pay attention to all things surrounding them.
It is also considered a color that expresses the end of a stage and beginning of a new one, and it is described as the color of the ends and beginnings. Examples include adolescents’ tendency to wear black at the beginning of teen years, as an evidence of the end of childhood, and the beginning of a new stage in their lives. As such, it is not a cause for concern, unless they continue to wear black for a long period of time, while excluding any other colors.
However, the blackness of the black color may cause depression, and it can also lead to mood swings and the creation of an environment that is bad enough, so it is usually recommended that black be used in conjunction with other colors that have a clear degree of brightness.
-Doaa ElAsser