10 Reasons Why Pizza And Chocolate Are Similar

Since you believe that either having pizza or chocolate will elevate your mood anyway, you accept their trade.

Edited by: Lydia Youssef

It’s gotten dark to the point where your worries have eventually taken over you. You abruptly get up, pace to the kitchen, open the refrigerator and hover your hand over some fruits, cheese and chocolate. You grab the bar of sweet brown goodness and close the
refrigerator. For some reason, holding the chocolate bar in your hand makes you feel
relaxed. On your way back to your room, your little sibling asks you kindly to
exchange your chocolate with her piece of pizza. You give it a moment’s thought.
Since you believe that either having pizza or chocolate will elevate your mood
anyway, you accept their trade.

In fact, here are 10 scientific and non-scientific reasons why pizza and chocolate are believed to be similar!

  1. The reputable effect of the release of endorphins (The “happy” hormones)
    done by the brain when eating chocolate, can also take place when eating
    pizza. How? Chocolate triggers such action through tryptophan and serotonin.
    Similarly, tryptophan, which can be changed to serotonin, is found in the milk
    present in pizza dough. It is even found in cheese, so more cheese results in
    greater benefits!
  2. Both pizza and chocolate can relieve stress because they are both rich in sugar.
    Carbohydrates in both options can be turned into sugar in your body to work on
    increasing serotonin.
  3. Both are antioxidants, which means that they can remove the free radicals from
    your body; this can be done through both cocoa and dough.
  4.  Either one of them can be consumed by diabetic patients under certain
    conditions. Dark chocolate, and thin-crust pizza with vegetables as toppings
    are decent options.

Non-scientific Reasons:

  1. Eating them doesn’t consume much of your time. You can even eat either while walking!
  2. They can have different, unconventionally tasty flavors. They can be sweet or
    spicy! Caramel pizza or chili chocolate are great examples.
  3. You can make delicious combinations using both of them. Pizza with
    chocolate toppings for example!
  4.  Both don’t need much preparation before they are ready to be devoured.
  5.  Both can be considered healthy and unhealthy according to how you eat them.
  6. Finally, you end up feeling guilty after eating either of them!