5 Reasons Why We Should Learn About Indigenous People

"To this specific group of people, the land was ageless."


Edited by: Yasser Tarek

Long before Christopher Columbus’ ships landed in the Bahamas, there lived a group of people who are now called: “Native Americans” or “Indigenous people”, in a place that would later be called: “The Old West”. To this specific group of people, the land was ageless.
No matter who or where we are, we must learn about their history, but why?

1) Preserving History
500 recognized tribes inhabited the vast land within the U.S., each with their own language and culture. This part of the world’s history is worth studying and preserving.

2) A Very Rich Culture 
Native American culture and stories are all tied to Mother Nature. It was believed that everything, from plants and animals to clothes and everyday objects, had a spirit within. This is how they came to respect everything around them.

3) An Important Legacy
An enormous amount of wisdom and stories were recorded by Native American leaders and chiefs, most of which were mixed with spirituality and traditions.

4) Something in Common
The natives’ history should be studied, and the people who resisted, but were eventually defeated, should be honored in our schools and universities. Learning from history is one big step towards a brighter future.

5) To Native Americans, Everyone is Equal
The Iroquois nation’s Great Law of Peace reads as follows: “The Great Creator has made us of one blood and of the same soil…only different tongues constitute different nations.”
This law was later used as a major inspiration for the U.S. constitution.