Get to know us

You will get touched by our work. Promise , we will leave a fingerprint !

If you’re asking ,” who are we ?”,
and what exactly ” do we do ? “,
we are the Insider G U C ,
The truth mirror you look through. 

We are the voice you want to deliver.
A platform for opinion expression. 
20 branches collaboratintg together 
To maintain credibility progression.

Through us you see the news,
reports, photos, and interviews.
Events, campaigns, and much more.
With us you think and explore.

For mysteries, we get you the key.
Our writers’ pens are always free.
When you read, you might be,
the hero of a story or two or three!

Not only getting our work done,          But also a real family having fun.   
On cold nights, in the glimmering sun, 
In bonding together we are number one.

At the beginning of a new year,
new dreams, and renewed hope
We promise to be always here
Whenever needed we will cope.

Eight years we have been there,
Interacting with you everywhere
About quality we really do care
Feel the uniqueness that we share

For anyone reading these words,
Belonging to the entity or not yet,
You will get touched by our work ,
Promise, we will leave a fingerprint!

Madonna Ehab , Editor-in-chief 19′