Hello, Dr. Seuss

For the ones who coloured the world , and especially you doctor seuss .. forever.

Hello, my dreams, my creative love,

my brown pink giraffe, and my green blue dove.

Hello, Grinch! Hello, Whoville!

The strong happy endings, the short weak evil.

You’re too far away, my friend,

but our dreams can reach the world’s end,

but even there, will you be found?

Will your door ever hear my knocking sound?

Dear, Dr Seuss? Hello there,

I figured you wouldn’t recognize me, but do you?

Sad thing is, I wouldn’t recognize you either,

although we’re linked by more than sight, you know?

You know who I would actually recognize?

I would recognize Horton and Whoville’s mayor.

Your characters come in every size,

in every shape, form and color.

Oh how I would love to meet the cat in the hat!

Sing one more song with him, and dance as we do that.

I would love to write rhymes like yours,

but sadly my rhymes are always so lame.

They don’t have that innocent beauty and glamour,

they would never give me as much love or fame.

I love your worlds, where I lived as a child,

they make me not want to grow up.

Whenever I feel old, bored and tired,

your movies take me ten years back,

your books help with my panic attack,

and your rhymes make my aging stop.

I am sorry, I will have to return to my own world,

and leave you flying in your fantastic one.

I have loved it more and thanks to your words,

I have found inside my heart a sun.

I do believe in happy endings,

and I won’t just wait for them to happen.

I will get them from misery’s depths depending,

On GOD’s help and his gracious compassion.

I have loved my smiles with the prankster cat,

I loved my smiles when the grinch came back,

my enthusiasm whenever you rhymed the chat,

and my tears when Horton almost lost the speck.

It has been an honor to finally meet you, my friend,

even if you were only in my head,

even if you were a dream that was soon dead,

even if we never got to actually meet.

With you, I shared my smiles, laughs and cries,

even if we never got to hug or even greet.

I wanted to see you, but I already know you.

I hope you’ll someday know me too,

but I know we’re an infinity away from each other,

where senses fail to go the distance.

In different worlds, and different cosmos altogether,

in different forms and different universes.

It breaks my heart how you never saw,

when it came to life, your beautiful art.

You never saw how your dreams grew;

in the next millennium’s minds and hearts.

Sorry, doctor, I have to go now.

We will meet again, I don’t know how!

Nice meeting you, hello and goodbye!

May our hearts illuminate as a sunny summer sky,

as a heart that has been touched by your hand,

one that flew to infinity, and gently returned to land.