Global Village”18 Where the world reunites!

The world after all is a family , so don't be late for a reunion next Monday!

Photo from: Global Village’17


If you looked many years back, you would probably notice that there used to be “long distances” , and certain difficulties in getting to know the world outside your country, right?


But then years passed, the world got much smaller in distances, easier to overcome the difficulties and cross over to another country and cultures became much closer by satellites, TV sets and more of the everyday changing technology. Then, came the 21st century when simply “distances” between us diminished and no one is- actually- far in any way from anyone or any place.


I guess, in fact we are the luckiest generation! Now a simple phone call, a text message or even a video call can break a thousand dams , cross the seven seas , and travel thousands of miles away to connect a farmer in Rwanda with an engineer in Canada in less than a fraction of a second!


The world is becoming closer than you can ever imagine, and now even more closer with the event that will bring in all those cultures, and different countries together in only one place!


AISEC GUC is bringing the world to you next Monday. Yes! All Seven continents in Al-Hussein, in the ultimate cultural event “Global village 2018”.


Representatives from several nations around the globe gather in Al-Raba’ in Al-Hussein to showcase their traditions , their customs , their cuisines and simply every aspect of their culture .


You will only get one chance to eat ikan bakar in the indonesian cuisine , do a dutch folk dance , take a selfie with a young south-african gentleman in a kanzu and at the end of the day , you can go sing with the egyptian sufis in Al-Hussein.


The world after all is a gigantic family , so do not be late for a re-union .

Let’s not miss a chance to see all the beautiful forms of mankind around us , let’s not miss a chance to celebrate such a day!