Many essential projects will be done on campus during the upcoming few years.

Due to the increasing number of GUCians every year, the university is now constructing many buildings that will soon be able to host all students. After an interview with engineer Hossam Ragab, the responsible of the construction on campus, we knew about the various projects in GUC.


These projects will be executed depending on the experience acquired by the trial and error process in the old buildings, which will lead to raising the level of construction in the university. For example, the magnesium cladding used on the facades of the C-building which caused many problems was immediately replaced by another material and won’t be used in any other project.


First of all, near the stadium and the sports area, 90% of the work in the Motel and H-buildinghas been done. These two buildings will be similar to  B, C, and D-buildings containing lecture halls and classrooms. It is expected to start teaching and studying in these two buildings next year.


Furthermore, after two years, the students will have an access to the South K-building. Till now, the construction company has finished 10% of the total work. This building, which is located near the industrial park, will be full of new workshops with new machines which will guarantee a good opportunity to do many practical tasks by the students.


In addition to this, there are a lot of plans for many important projects that will be executed in the future. For example, they recently started working on a hospital and a building related to itand it is expected to be finished after three years. Another important project is a new multi-storey parking area which will help solving the parking problems.


The current parking area will be then transformed into the A-building that represents the fourth complex of the campus. Also, near the exam halls, an ongoing project for a building that will be full of huge halls and studios to be used by students like for example Applied Arts.


Concerning the environment related projects, the next step after installing the solar city is to cover the roofs of all buildings with solar panels. This will result in using much more electricity produced by a renewable energy source on campus. After that, the only thing that will be remaining is to cover all the facades with the solar panels and then, the GUC will be then the first university in Egypt with all the applications of solar energy.


Last but not least, we noticed that the admin building is now being painted and after asking engineer Hossam, we knew that after Ramadan DMG ‘s industrial zone will be inaugurated. It will contain 6 machines extremely advanced and are the first ones to be in the Middle East. The presence of these machines will allow the students to train and get used to them before graduating and start working. Therefore, the university decided to paint the building and prepare it for the important upcoming ceremony!