FASA exhibition… A deeper look into the faculty

The "Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts" exhibition is witnessed annually where all projects done by students can be featured.

Annually, the GUC witnesses the FASA”Faculty of Applied Sciences and Arts” exhibition that features all projects done by the faculty’s students.


The exhibition takes place as two units. The first, which opens the chance for students from 1st to 4th year to feature all their artworks, along with occasional workshops during the academic year, while the second is “pre-masters” exhibition where senior students are given the opportunity to present their projects before graduating, they will be featured seperately where every project will be presented with its description and explanation.


Dareen Ismail and Engy Zayed-31- Graphic design students and a pre-master participants in the exhibition- introduced us to a sector of their project that mainly aims to create a specific social media for the faculty. The accounts will feature any events or workshops related to FASA along with the students top artworks. It will also share on spot stories to update students on any ongoing or upcoming events. Another approach is to launch few themes that tell people more about the daily life of a FASA student. It is officially launched on Instagram and Facebook as @applied.guc.


The exhibition  starts next Sunday, on the 6th of May and it will take place in D2.01 (General exhibition)  and D4.01 (Pre-master’s exhibition), and is expected to last  until the end of the semester.