Purple division event

Women and men make a great formula together

On the 23rd of April, the INSIDER organized an event to discuss “Gender Inequality” an important topic that concerns a lot here in Egypt. Marwan Younes and his wife Daliah were the speakers of the day, the event took an atmosphere more like an interview where people were given time to ask Marwan ten questions at the beginning to know more about him, his life and his childhood.


He was asked to give his point of view about “Gender inequality”. He said that since the beginning of humanity, people could see the differences between the roles of both genders. “For instance, the caveman was occupied by hunting animals and searching for food and his wife was responsible for cooking and some other domestic tasks”. However, Marwan thinks that this was due to the physical abilities of men and he is convinced that nowadays, it is all about the way of thinking which is a characteristic of both genders.


Another important point that was discussed during the event is the “sexual harassment“. From his point of view, Marwan believes that the solution to this is to legislate a law to punish anyone who commits such a villainous crime. In addition, people must support any girl that is exposed to this kind of actions. He stated that in an incident he once hit four guys with his car because they were teasing a girl!


Talking about the situation here in Egypt, he said that our actions and some of our customs that make women think that they are inferior to men, like preventing girls from playing around or hanging out with her friends. However, he thinks that our country is on the right path and is developing on the social and ideological level.


His wife, Daliah, unfortunately, came late to the event due to her job circumstances. She insisted that women have super powers and that they are able to do a lot of tasks at the same time. She talked about the reason for choosing Marwan as a husband. She said that she needed someone that encourages her and accepts that she is a singer.


Finally, the couple underlined the fact that women and men make a great formula together and how they should support each other. The event ended with a duet between Daliah and Marwan and many of the attending people took photos and selfies with both celebrities!