The Other Side of The Terminal

The best part about travelling though is not what everyone talks about...

Dear Reader,

Let me tell you something uncommon,  the “other” side of travelling!

I’ve always wondered what it would be like having a best friend whom I know since we were  5-years-old. Coming from a family that moves around so often, I have been to 7 schools and never had a friend for more than 3 years… until recently. Although moving and travelling have their perks, a part of me envies people who have lasting relationships.


Many people would say that high school was their “favorite” and that they miss it badly, I wholeheartedly agree! High school to me marked the beginning of stability, and even though I would miss travelling a lot, it showed me what I have been missing my whole life. I came to Egypt as a 9th grader and a new student ready for another fresh start, and I did not get just that but I got a whole personality remodeling.


It was an exhilarating experience to be surrounded by different cultures, but being around my own culture was eye-opening! I started talking differently, eating differently, exercising differently (or not at all), and even dressing differently. I made friendships and bonds that still last to this day and for me, that is a record. Even though social media made it much easier to connect with friends from the past but as surprising as it is to think about, social media wasn’t always there; it is only recent.


What I know for sure is that everything in life has it’s “pros and cons” but of course the pros of travelling outweigh the cons! The best part about travelling though is not what everyone talks about. It’s not the sightseeing or the constant outings, or being in a country where you have no idea what they are saying.


The best thing about travelling is the blending of cultures inside of you. When you travel, you are not just Egyptian anymore (that is if you are), you become American, German, Indian, Japanese or wherever you go as well because every single place will leave an imprint inside your soul that will last forever. You become a beautiful and exotic mixture of all these cultures and all of those experiences are what make you different. No two people have the same personality and because no two have gone through exactly the same experiences.

So go out, travel, experience life, because it is fleeting.

Till next time,

Your author