Behind A Wall

The secret to living life to the fullest is within us.

You know how sometimes you see a beautiful bird soaring in the blue sky, and you just think of how amazing and freeing it must be for it to just fly? Without a care in the world? Even its winter or spring, even if it’s having a bad day with not too many worms to eat, even if the darkness of the night makes it hard to see the way, the bird just keeps on flying?


Just imagine that feeling of pure happiness with no worries and stress and everything in the world clamming you up.  How great it must be to feel the gentleness of the wind on your skin and the little tingles the sun leaves on your back!


So really, what’s stopping us from becoming birds? I’m not saying go jump off a window, let’s be real here. But, why are we always worried and stressed about something? Am I the only person who feels confined by social media and assignments and finals and always trying to keep up or not disappoint?


A recent study says that the human mind believes in cause and effect. It constantly believes that the only way to feel happier than their current state is to do ‘more’ than what you are doing, ‘more’ than what you’ve got. The brain constantly tries to protect itself physically and emotionally.  That’s why we build walls around us.


We make it hard to let people in. We live too much in our minds that it slowly becomes better than our reality and we slip away from the outer world. And we place our inner bird in a cage. It happens to the best of us and all the time.


We can’t let this stop us from living our life though.  From trying new things and failing and then trying again. From experiencing the little things in life like eating your favorite ice-cream and binge-watching series with your friends. Let these go once in a while.


Try everything and anything because any experience shapes you and changes the way you think of life. Don’t let your walls trap you in and make you a prisoner of your own mind.


Be free and like a quote, I heard in my favorite movie “ Hakuna Matata” – Don’t Worry Be Happy.