GUC fitness competition vol. 4

More of a sports'festival with many sponsors!

Last Friday, on the 30th of March “GUC RUNNERS” event, took place by the GUC sports club-with the participation of special needs center for the fourth time in the GUC.


The main fitness competition will take place on Monday, the 2nd of April in the GUC from 9 AM to 4 PM. It will be more of a sports’festival with many sponsors like, cross fit STARS, DIODORA (sportswear), Shufan, cyclopedia (class fitness studio) and PRO-FIT (Equipment’ supplier). The latter sponsor provides the competition with air runner machine (Manual treadmill )which is used for the first time in a competition in Egypt. It was only used in the international cross fit competitions and has now been available in the university for the last days for whoever wants to test it from the competitors.


The competition consists of four categories individual males, individual females, male teams and mixed teams(every team consists of two).Worth of mentioning, that it is the first time teams can participate in the competition and upon the request of some girls,, female teams will be included in the next year competition.


The competition will be 3 phases, and the best participants in every phase will be taken to the next one, the winners will be those who finish all the phases in the shortest time. The winners will receive 1000 LE, a gold medal, a certificate and a trophy for the first place, while for the 2nd and 3rd place, a silver medal, a certificate, and 750 LE and 500 LE will be respectively given.


The sponsors will also provide valuable prizes for the winners and interesting giveaways for all people who attend the event.  All the students and staff are welcomed to enjoy the activities and games held by the sponsors in the competition, so it is preferable to come with comfy sportswear.


Good Luck to all the competitors!