The Noble Knights’ efforts were notably accomplished in their 690 to 570 victory over the Mighty Warriors

Photo by: Mayar Morsy


The Intelligent Question (TIQ) held its second Inter-House Debate (IHD) last Friday the 2nd of March, where Pegasus, known as the Noble Knights, and Orion, the Mighty Warriors; faced off in a competitive event. In a whopping 690 points for the former and 570 points for the latter.


The IHD is the testing ground for the official competitive stages, known as “The Preliminary Rounds to the Great Debate”. The current Investors Relations Supervisor has pronounced that there are two Inter House Debates, IHD 1 is the first taste of formality for debaters before the adjudicators, and the first encounter between both Houses’ debaters; it is the awakening of the competition as a whole. While IHD 2 prepares debaters mentally and psychologically, further hungering the winners and further driving the losers.


In the first IHD, Pegasus lost to Orion,  by a devastating 430 – 830 points in favor of the Mighty Warriors, however, the Noble Knights dawned a legendary, over-reaching comeback on House Orion.


Pegasus and Orion were both named after constellations. The idea is that the universe and the brain are profoundly similar. The first battle, Orion won with a difference of 400 points. But luckily, Pegasus made a huge comeback and they are now leading the competition. These points account for who wins the house cup at the end of the year. 


It is worth noting that Orion has consistently won IHD 1, whereas Pegasus has consistently won IHD 2! The rivalry between these two Houses is sheer, no one house has been victorious consecutively. However, the first year TIQ was launched; Pegasus had dominated and conceived all titles! House Orion, the mighty warrior, won the great debate twice in the past four years. They dominated the league the two times they were titled “Victors of the cup”.


According to the House Leaders and The Board of Adjudicators, both Houses gave it their best, striving for either another consecutive victory or an echoing comeback. The motion for the debates taking place prior to the prayer was as follows: This House Believes That Education is a Prerequisite for Democracy. While the motion for the debates taking place after the prayer was: This House Fears the Development of Independent AI.


Leading the competition, the Noble Knights dominated the first and second places where six Noble Knights came in first, while eight came in second! 


Finally, the Noble Knights worked with their House Leaders in an effort to improve on, adapt to and overcome their former defeat. One of the House Leaders even expressed her astonishment by the drastic change in behaviors and skills by Pegasus housemates; calling it “magic”. Further adding, that the developments and improvements taking place were brilliant as the Noble Knights overcame the challenges.


In light of Pegasus’ victory, the Noble Knights’ efforts were notably accomplished in their 690 to 570 victory over the Mighty Warriors.

Edited by: Raghda Ashraf