Another step in a long journey

An academic year is approaching an end, and many high-school students are now thinking about their next step in life. So, in order to help them, we asked for some information about the aptitude tests of Architecture and Applied arts faculties in The German University in Cairo.


After applying online and passing the English and IQ exams, the university sends an invitation to the applicant so he/she can determine a date to take the aptitude test. The Applied arts aptitude test is organized two times every month, but the Architecture’s is organized only once. No prerequisites are needed to take any of the two tests, however, a basic knowledge is really beneficial to pass them.



In case of failure, the applicant for Applied arts has another chance to take the test, unlike the ones who applied for Architecture because they have only one trial to pass. The university offers an academy course where the students can get the basic knowledge needed for these tests.


Talking about the test, Applied arts applicants have to prepare a portfolio that contains from 10 to 15 pieces of art of any kind, no matter how recent are they. These drawings, portraits, photos, animations must follow some rules of presentation and it is really important to show your creativity and diversity.

The portfolio must be with the applicant on the day of the aptitude test, that consists of a practical exam and an interview. On the other hand, the aptitude test of Architecture is only a practical one that focuses on topics like the different perspectives of an object. A general knowledge about the most famous architectural buildings in the world would be helpful also.


Since a huge number of students apply every year, the best performance in these tests in addition to the high school grades is really important to be accepted in any of these two faculties.