Applied Arts Students at FURNEX

Photo by:Mayar Morsy


Some of Product design students in their 3rd year, Faculty of Applied Arts have successfully designed some projects that were displayed in Furnex, that took place from the 8th till the 11th of February, 2018.

We interviewed a group about their project and here are their answers when we asked them about how their masterpiece came about!


Q.1: What is “Furnex” ? 

“Furnex” is a Furniture Exhibition held annually for presenting Egyptian-made furniture and showcasing the newly-made furniture of the market.It boasts an annual theme-based competition for aspiring designers.

In this year’s “Egyptian Hotel Furniture”grueling competition included10 contestants, only the winner is crowned a trip to Milano, Italy. Not to mention, they get to access Milano’s most-esteemed furniture exhibition!


Q.2: What is your project idea? 

It is a stool having an unorthodox design relative to its counterparts and rendering one or two seating options.  It is made out of two wooden tiles attached to a magnet in their frame where the wooden pieces can be removed. The stool can then be put on the ground to act as another seating option in the form of a couch. It is more like the idea of:” Killing two birds with one stone!”


Q.3: How did you participate in Furnex? Were you chosen or you pursued the opportunity?

It was the GUC intention to include all the department’s design, however, due to the tight physical space granted in the exhibition, only the pioneering works made the cut.


Q.4: Why do you think that your project was one of those chosen to be displayed in Furnex?
Of course the design was eye-catching. However, upon further inspection, the quality of the materials used proved to be top-notch. We wanted to make sure that we provided a practical and comfy stool at the end of the day. As in, incorporating art with comfort.


Q.5: How did the exhibition go? How did people react?
It was magnificent! People were all mesmerized by our work. They couldn’t even believe we were just students in our third academic year. They thought our product was company-made. We felt invincible being treated as long-time professionals as business people were willing to buy our work. There is no honor greater than knowing that this great accomplishment was ours as students.


Standing beside well-established companies and well-known designers instilled a sense of confidence in us. Moreover, we were offered job opportunities from product-designing companies!
What made this experience one of a kind is the unity of our class. Class of Product Designers! All looking out for one another and savoring this immense opportunity that changed each one of us. Our number was our strength making us pass off as a company, not as students.


Q.6: Did you sell your product?
We already have many orders and we are willing to work on making them get sold, insha’Allah.


Q.7: What do you think about the characters that helped you to add to this project?
Our spirit, consistency, perseverance, and adopting the ideas of each one of us.


Q.8: What impact did this experience have on all of you?

It actually made us friends as we weren’t close beforehand. We barely knew each other’s faces, not even names. Now, we are close friends spending our gaps together. It is a new-found confidence and a new-unexpected friendship that we are proud of.


Q.9: How was the making process of the project?
It was the most hectic part of the experience, yet it was great.
We went shopping in many far-fetched areas to fetch the materials needed with affordable prices. We were also on the hunt for craftsmen to create the model. We spent sleepless nights to get the final design and transform it into a real product.


Q.10: What values do you think this project and this experience added to you?
This encouraged us to speak about ourselves and our designs. In addition, it gave us the chance to experience how product-marketing goes and how to interact with customers and with other designers.


Q.11: What advice do you want to give to the up-and-coming designers?
We would like to advice them to be more concerned about what they are really passionate about and less about the grades they score. Your passion is mirrored in your gestures and your eyes. It’s what sells your product!
We want to encourage them not to give up on what they really believe in even if it didn’t garner the attention they had anticipated. They should stick to what they’re passionate about and share it with the world if they do have a good point.


Q.12: Is there anything you want to add?
We would like to thank our Supporters, Dr. Regine and our Teacher Assistant, Sara Khedr, for their encouragement and for giving us the opportunity to present our design in such an exhibition.We truly wouldn’t have done it without them!


Edited by: Noha Essam