BREAKING: Roger Federer becomes the world number 1 tennis player!

After a record gap of five years and 106 days

“Reaching number one is if not of, the ultimate achievement in our sport,” said Federer

After a record gap of five years and 106 days, Federer will reclaim the top spot at age 36 when rankings become updated on Monday. His record will also be extended for total weeks at the peak to 303!

In addition to his record of 20 grand slam titles earned between 2003 and 2018, being able to be the top player in his sport crowns his efforts and shows how he deserves to be considered the best of all times!

“This is an exciting challenge, I have struggled to try and get there. I had to win a lot of matches last year”-Federer pointed out.

Federer has won 8 titles, including 3 grand slams as well as winning 61 matches. However, he just suffered 5 defeats.

In the semifinals, he will face the Italian Andrea Seppi or young Russian Daniil Medvedev.