The sound of silence

Everytime she let her thoughts out on a paper, the noise faded again and again till it just stopped.

Edited by: Tasneem Shehata


She sat in her room with a pen in her hand, a notebook untouched on the desk and a million thoughts on her mind. Before she could even press the pen to the paper, she heard a deafening noise out of nowhere. As much as she wanted to just ignore it, her head was already objecting.


Leaving the pen deserted beside the notebook, she opened the window to see where the noise was coming from but found nothing. Maybe that was her family coming home? Opening her bedroom door and walking out to the hall and still found nothing. The sound was getting unbearable but she kept on searching for the source of noise, with a killing pain invading her head, desperately. Eventually, she was left with no option but to ignore that sound and just to write down the first thing that pops into her mind. ‘Silence’, she wrote; with every letter she wrote, the noise started to calm down. Like a therapy, with every word she let her thoughts out on paper, the noise faded more and more, till it stopped.


Only then did she look at what she wrote. At first, it looked like a paper with a bunch of jumbled words with almost no meaning. Yet, her words started to sink in realizing what was written: a poem about silence.


“The words left unsaid are worse than violence
Because in my mind they are thundering silence
Like lightning, they ache to be displayed on my lips
They electrify every inch of my fingertips
They were trapped in my mind alone
The silence thunders making themselves known”

– Vivid Vega.


Remembering those words that she once read online; she felt relating to them in a way, she couldn’t  forget. Only then, did she realize from where the noise she suffered from came: it was all in her head in “The sound of silence”.