How To Beat Procrastination

The action of ruining your own life

Edited by: Reem Mohamed


If you clicked to read this, then you probably suffer from the ‘disease’ called “Procrastination”. Now that we have established that very clear and obvious conclusion, I’d like to move onto the definition of “Procrastination”.


Because let’s face it, people are curious by nature. Others might have clicked on this article just to find out if they suffer from the earlier mentioned ‘disease’ or not. If you don’t fall under either of those two categories, you’re probably just wasting your time here. Which is another ‘disease’ which we could tackle in another article! Now on with the definition…


Pro-cras-ti-na-tion | /prəˌkrastəˈnāSHən, prō-/
the action of ruining your own life for no apparent reason whatsoever, but still manage to do it anyways.


Let me just start with saying that I have had just about enough of the irony of always planning to learn from my previous mistakes, putting off work because I’m in the middle of battling procrastination while trying to write posts on procrastination and how to beat it. I have had enough preaching about things and then doing the complete opposite-I’m talking a 180 degrees shift here. So enough with the chatter, here is a plan we, procrastinators can all work with.



So the first step is to actually work by the plan you put, because lets face it, procrastinators love planning, quite simply because planning doesn’t involve doing, and doing is the procrastinator’s biggest fear.

How about we go into that plan a little deeper? Because us procrastinators usually do it in such a vague way that doesn’t consider detail or reality and end up being set to not actually accomplish anything. These planning sessions usually leave us with this icky and daunting list of tasks that need to be done. So with a plan, a right and an effective one at least, those icky items turn to be…well, un-icky.



It’s not like procrastinators don’t like the concept of doing. They actually look at their to-do list and think “This will be fun/easy!”, and that’s because they actually picture that moment in the future where they actually sit down and get the work done. But in reality, what happens is that when that moment arrives, the procrastinator does what the procrastinator does best-he lets the monkey within take over and ruin everything.


So if you’re a procrastinator, get rid of the monkey within, throw it into the deep dark woods and know that you must make it through the critical entrance. That means to stop whatever you’re doing when it’s time to do the task, put away all distractions and get started. It may sound simple, but this is actually the hardest part.

The good news is, if you can get through a bit of the dark woods, something funny happens. Making progress on a task produces this positive feeling of accomplishment and raises your self-esteem and this, my friends, is a huge banana shaped distraction for the monkey within, and only then will the strong urge to procrastinate diminish.


Defeating procrastination is like gaining control over your own life which will make you happy. It’s also an increase in the level of fulfillment and satisfaction along the way and erasing any regrets. So this is something that should be taken seriously. The time to start changing is now…not tomorrow. Stop with the procrastination already, have you learned nothing from this very long and pointless article?!



A sarcastic author.