“For you a thousand times over”

While most of us favor a certain genre the attachment to a certain book is mostly inevitable

Some novels are just too beautifully sculptured to be forgotten. The words and the inside uniqueness hidden between the lines will forever be etched in your heart before your brain can comprehend the meaning behind these words and while most of us favor a certain genre, the attachment to a certain book is mostly inevitable. This is the case with the first novel by the incredibly gifted Afghan-American author, Khaled Hosseini.

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“The Kite Runner”  has been published in May 2003. The story travels from Afghanistan to Pakistan to the United States; where the main characters seek shelter from the uprising of the Taliban regime and the Soviet intervention and destruction of the lands of our cast.


The author brilliantly drew the scene of racism when he described the differences between the wealthy Pashtuns and the oppressed Hazaras. Amir, the main character, came from the top of the food chain, while Hassan, the son of Ali (Amir and his dad’s servant), came from the latter.


The story portrays jealousy and selfishness, which grew within Amir as he aged,  for his dad seemed to favour Hassan, the mere servant’s son. Whereas Hassan always looked up to Amir, and would take a bullet for him if it came to it. This was shown when Assef, an aristocratic Pashtun, mocked Amir for hanging out with Hassan, for he’s a Hazara and threatened to beat Amir up, so Hassan stepped in and promised more than threatened the snobbish aristocrat to shoot him in the eye if he hurt Amir. Amir wasn’t there for Hassan when Assef and his friends ganged up on him and scarred him for life. This, however, didn’t stop Hassan’s true brotherly love which he saved only for Amir:

“For you a thousand times over.”


Amir lived with this guilt for a very long time, and while being busy with worry while eloping from his country upon the invasion; there was always this nagging voice at the back of his mind, urging him to stop his cowardly induced actions.


As years pass, and as you go through the pages of this heart wrenching, and utterly stupendous tale, you’ll witness Amir finding a way to the road of redemption. It might seem like it was too late, but he did indeed redeem his and Hassan’s bond which was stained throughout the years.

This legendary story is a must-read. It will take you on a roller coaster of tears, anger, love, respect, hope and finally; delightfulness. Prepare your tissues, and make sure you’re not interrupted; it’s not often that a story will touch your heart, subconscious, and body all at once. What are you waiting for? Head over to the book fair as tomorrow marks the last day and begin the hunt!

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