Here’s What You Need to Know If You are going on a Semester Abroad

The most common things you need on your list

Just a few days left for the start of Berlin spring semester 2018. You have a lot on your plate with a messy room packed up trying to find out what to take or not without losing your train of thoughts. Don’t worry we got your back! With the help of people who have traveled before, here are the common things you need on your list.( Note: These items may differ from a person to another according to accommodation facilities and personal preferences.)



For the bedroom: 

  • Bed and pillow sheets (Just for personal hygiene if you prefer.)
  • Blanket
  • Small electric lamp (Either for studying or during sleep.)


For the kitchen:

Prepared food will spare you time to explore the city, travel and will help in your first days there. (Frozen food is recommended, yet all remains optional.)

  • Tuna, Indomie, and dried dates
  • Spices (If you like certain Egyptian taste.)
  • Kettle (if not provided by the apartment.)


Clothes and Accessories:

  • Thermals
  • Leggings
  • Jacket (only one or two)
  • Backpacks (Shoulder bags are not practical.)

Don’t stuff your bag! You will buy a lot there and you will need space in your luggage to avoid the extra weight (wait for SALE, don’t indulge in shopping.)


Miscellaneous Items:

  • Medications (antibiotics, Pain-killers, stomach-pain… etc.) Pharmacies there are not open 24/7 and they need prescriptions.
  • Portable Shattaf
  • Safety locks
  • Big sized Backpacks/handbags for weekend trips
  • Calculators (They are expensive there.)
  • Hair-dryers (If not provided by the apartment.)
  • Threads and needles (Very expensive there.)


General Advice:

  1. Check the apartment before the owner leaves for anything that might be broken, you don’t want to pay a fine for something you didn’t damage!
  2. Make sure your visa and credit card are working (You better have a backup for emergencies.)
  3. Bring an extra eyeglass in case you wear one. (Eye check-ups are not included in the health insurance.) 
  4. Make a hard and a digital copy of your passport, ID, GUC ID, health insurance… etc instead of carrying the original papers all the time.
  5. Try to bring an extra phone and extra charger just in case.


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Wishing you all an amazing semester and a fruitful experience!