Mirror.. mirror

She could never fit in for she was so real for such a fake world

“What am I doing here?”

Her vision was blurry, she could barely define what shapes are in front of her eyes, making her way to stand on both feet her clothes reflected what she had been through, Covered with dirt and mud, Stained with red blood.

“How Did I end up here? What day is it, and who are they?”

Unable to support her own weight, she stumbled around a room full of Figures that she can’t recognize. Are those people, Shadows or empty souls? Her ears pierced with noises she doesn’t want to hear. Her heart was burning like she had never felt before.

So Here I am again, Lost, Cold and out of place. Am I the stranger or are they all? Am I the grey amid White and Black? Am I the phase between sky and ground? A bit of this and some of that? Do I really know who I am?

The wandering Figures looked at her in despise. One of them called her across the room, but she could only hear it mumbling. She made her way with uncertainty, walking a mile in each step. As she got closer and closer, the voice got clearer But the image never did. “ Don’t be scared “.

“I must’ve seen her before. No, I guess I know her by heart!” – she whispers.

“ You are going to be okay, but you shouldn’t have come here”

She looked at the figures around her with sorrow. Living in a world of hatred and dimness, everyone looks and dresses the same, faking smiles with crayons and wishing it never rains. Trying so hard to be in anyone else’s skin but their own. She could never fit in for she was so real for such a fake world.

She dug the whole way through. Now, She was almost standing face-to-face with the figure she sought to reach. As she reached out to touch her, and exactly as she thought, she felt every touch upon her own skin…