The Power of Words

Words are powerful when spoken and even more when not

As the saying goes “Sticks and Stones may break my bones but ….. will never hurt me.” Can you guess?

The answer is WORDS.

I come to you today with a story. A story that we have all lived somehow in different ways but the moral remains the same.


There was once a girl who goes by the name Rose, a university student who is always busy. One day she received the tragic news that her aunt had passed away due to a terminal illness. A few weeks later she was slapped by the loss of a close friend! Devastated and in deep depression, but her grief was shown to be well-concealed. She would smile in public for people not to worry.But underneath that surface, she was falling apart, her grades were slipping, her inner body was aching, she knew there was something wrong.


She managed to continue faking her smile to hide the truth, but Shaun -a friend of hers- noticed. He decided to do whatever it takes to help her, and as ridiculous as it might sound he will do it using only words!


Every day for a month I would send her some motivational words first thing in the morning and all what she had to do was to wake up and read them; no need to reply “ Shaun told himself.


Although Rose had felt how odd the idea was after Shaun’s deal, she was in no position to object, she desperately wanted to get better in any way. A day later, Shaun’s deal was in action, Rose would wake up to something different every other day, sometimes a quote, a funny joke, Maybe whole letters, which were her favorites for they contained stories, words of encouragement and even some little drawings that Shaun would sketch himself.


Day by day she started getting better, she would wake up excited to receive her new words. At the end of the month, anyone could obviously tell that there was a noticeable change. Her spirit was back, her body was self-healing now, and even her grades were improving. Shaun’s odd idea had worked!


Words are powerful.


By the time I was just eight, I was taught to watch the words I said for they are a double-edged weapon; So this is not something that I had recently learned. But neither you nor I till this moment fully understand the power of words. When I think of the most powerful people, I find that they are those who can speak eloquently. And I wonder “When did they fully grasp that to be powerful is to own words?”


Only through words that our personalities are revealed, friendships built or destroyed, Countries fall in peace while others battle in wars. Words give insights into anyone’s mind.  Ironically for me, I don’t have many words, but in person, I tend to keep them to myself attempting to speak only when it is necessary.


Words are powerful when spoken, and even more when not. A wise person would always choose carefully what to say and when. For once a word comes out, it can never be withdrawn.