Student Union Elections? Or Student Union Missing in Action ?

Will this year’s round be the decisive precedent after the absence of the SU for the past 2 years?

Any Student Union represents the cornerstone of unity among students and university, by creating a communication channel between both sides ensuring the right representation of the fellow students.  The GUC Student Union (SU) was founded in 2011, after calling for the crucial need for its establishment. Since then the Student Union has been recognized and officially declared.


In 2014, Ashram’s Presidential cabinet was able to win the elections by more than 4000 GUCian vote, empowered by students’ trust and aiming to make a radical difference by forming a strong SU to represents the students’ voice.

In 2015, The elections went for the Five SU presidential cabinet, which witnessed a year full of unforgettable events in the history of the GUC. Since 2011, Several suggestions had been given by the SU scientific committee to the university’s administration in order to expand the parking area but unfortunately, none of these suggestions were taken into consideration.


On the 9th of March 2015, On a normal weekday where students were rushing as usual to the bus, one of the dreadful accidents took place on campus. The death of the beautiful Yara Tarek, a 34- engineering freshman student by an accidental bus move.The SU moved in rage during this incident calling for Yara’s right and requesting a proper parking area with safety instructions, and organizing buses flow.

A real and fast action from the university was urgently needed at that time, just a response was all what the student requested but no action was taken and the university proceeded with the normal academic activities.


The SU consequently called for a strike which further developed into boycotting midterms, risking their academic future for the sake of getting Yara’s right -as they believed out of their responsibility-  back.  They requested real steps to be implemented to ensure the safety of students on campus including the clinic, the ambulance as well as the parking area to avoid any similar accidents that may occur in the future. The chain of events that took place afterward was escalating quickly.


Since this year, The GUC has been lacking a Student Union. Last year round was met by lack of applicants and thus the round was canceled. In this regard, An email was sent to all GUC student last Tuesday on the 5th of December, 2017 declaring the commencement of 2017-2018 Student Union elections, and calling for candidates to nominate themselves online till the 10th of December.


Questions arise after the absence of the SU for the past 2 years; “Will this year’s round be the decisive precedent for the SU’s future?” ” Will elections finally take place?” “Will the number of candidates be enough for the GUC to witness a rise of a new SU?”

Lots of open-ended questions, that this year might hold an answer to.



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